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Severe Eclampsia

January 22, 2021 By Victoria Moore

Severe Eclampsia

So, it was a bit of a shock to discover I was pregnant last April with my fourth baby. I already had 3 boys from my previous relationship, and suffered pre-eclampsia with my younger two. Mild starting at 39 weeks with my second pregnancy, and severe but controlled starting at 29 weeks, resulting in an emergency csection and NICU stay at 36 weeks with my third son. as you can imagine I was scared!

I immediately rang my general practitioner who reassured me as it was a new partner and I was in better health (lower bmi and low bp) I was in a stable and good position to continue with the pregnancy. I had regular check ups and everything was text book until I got to 29 weeks. I developed overnight a deep sense of foreboding and anxiety. I went to see my consultant, who had looked after me previously and we checked urine ect, there was no protien or elevated bp so we came to the conclusion it was more than likely anxiety around my previous experience and it happening again.

Reassured I bought a blood pressure machine to keep a track of my blood pressure at home. About a week later, I started to develop the spots in my eyes but still my blood pressure remained stable and no protein so I carried on as normal. Around 34 weeks I started vomiting, my anxiety was through the roof and little did we know, as it had been so gradual, the swelling had started. I was still checking my blood pressure and I was only 1+ of protien so stayed at home but in constant communication with my obstetrician.

On the night where it started, I was struggling to keep down water, my son had my belly big so assumed it was that, didn't have a headache ect. so decided to get an early night, that was the last thing I remember. I woke up in high-dependency unit 2 days later after suffering 7 seizures, being resusitated, nearly biting off my tongue, having a stroke and an emergency csection. I had lost 17kg over night and gained a beautiful baby boy who thank god was healthy. My partner said I had came downstairs at 2am and asked him to call an ambulance before seizuring and stopping breathing for 3 minutes. I can't account for what happened when I got to the hospital, as I went on my own as my partner had to arrange childcare, but I do know the hospital saved mine and my baby's life.

The nurses said they could only recognise me by my teeth. It truly is a miracle me and my son are still here, and I am going to undergo futher tests with my obstetrician to try and find out what how and why, hopefully it will go towards helping women who develop preeclampsia/eclampsia. My advice is if ever you are in doubt and think it may be preeclampsia, please don't hesitate in getting checked out, it doesn't always come in the text book headache upper gastric pain, sometimes it can be anxiety and difficulty peeing. I really hope we get some answers to this dreadful condition. And thank goodness for our talented doctors! I've got a long road to recovery, I have no short term memory and have to take 18 tablets a day to stay alive, but I am here and very grateful.


Tharshiya Baskaralingam

April 07, 2021 13:29 PM

Hello, I’m also a preeclampsia survivor. I noticed a decreased output of urine too before being diagnosed with preeclampsia, yet it doesn’t appear as one of the symptoms in many sources.

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