Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Everyone can play a role in preeclampsia research!


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Voice, Experience, Legacy

Who qualifies to participate in research through the Preeclampsia Registry?

  • Preeclampsia survivors
  • Family members & friends (including partners)
  • Women with non-preeclampsia pregnancies

Your Experience Can Help to Save Lives

The Preeclampsia Registry brings together preeclampsia patients, family members, and researchers to find answers to better prevent, treat, and one day, cure preeclampsia.

It's easy to participate from the comfort of your home!

  1. Create your profile here.
  2. Agree to the consent form.
  3. Answer the series of questions about your health, family, and pregnancy history after providing consent.
  4. Choose whether you would like to participate in other studies, respond to new questions, upload your medical records, or even provide a DNA sample for genetic research if you'd like.
  5. Connect with us - we will reach out to you via email once a year to ask that you provide a health update. This yearly update helps our research team better understand the long-term health effects of preeclampsia.

The information you provide will only be used by approved preeclampsia researchers who go through a rigorous vetting process. We will never share any information that can identify you, such as your name, your date of birth, or contact information. See our Privacy Policy and our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

About the Preeclampsia Registry

Why Representation Matters

The Preeclampsia Registry is steadfast in our resolve to reach underrepresented audiences and ensure that our Registry reflects the population of women that experience preeclampsia.

The people who volunteer for research studies are vital in preventing, detecting, and treating diseases like preeclampsia. A diverse research participation group ensures we understand how a particular treatment, prevention, or condition affects different kinds of people and nobody is left behind as advances are made.

Learn more about how everyone can play a role to find a cause and a cure:

Keep Updating Your Registry

The registry is a "living database" which means that it continues to grow and evolve as more patients participate and new research studies are launched. By returning to the Registry once a year to provide a health update, you are helping researchers to better understand the impact of preeclampsia several years after pregnancy. Here's a few ways you can jump in now!

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Your Registry

Click here to add your experiences

  • Upload your medical records
  • Provide your yearly update
  • Join new studies
  • Ask research questions


Join The Registry

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Contact the Registry

Researchers, please contact our Research Manager if you would like the Preeclampsia Foundation to help you recruit participants for a research study or focus group, or have any questions about the Preeclampsia Registry.


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