The Preeclampsia Patient Journey

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Last Updated on May 10, 2022

The Preeclampsia Patient Journey

Over 800 preeclampsia survivors shared their journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond in a recent Preeclampsia Registry study published in BMJ Open. The studydescribes the Patient Journey of these women, as it relates to awareness, communication, and involvement with decision making during experiences with preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening hypertensive disorder of pregnancy.

A number of common patient experiences and themes emerged from the study: the feeling of not knowing that a common pregnancy symptoms was actually a warning sign; feelings of failure and isolation following delivery; shock and dismay that preeclampsia can put you at long-term risk for high blood pressure and heart disease.

The interactive map above highlights seven of these key patient moments along the Patient Journey of preeclampsia. Click on each illustration and follow What To Know to unlock resources (articles, videos, real life stories and more). A full poster of these moments is also viewable below.

View the press release about this study here and the full study here.

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About The Illustrator

Joy Murphy of Harrisburg, PA, had her own personal experience with hypertension and a complicated pregnancy resulting in an emergency C-section. Having Joy illustrate the key findings of this important study "was an honor" from someone whose real life experience so closely reflected those of the 833 survivors who participated in this study.

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