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Go to the hospital ASAP

March 05, 2020 By Kimberly Dubose

Go to the hospital ASAP

I was going to my routine check up visit with my OBGYN and was found to have high protein in my urine.

I was told to get to the hospital asap.

As I checked in to the hospital I started to get really sick and of course started to worry.

I was eventually rushed to Princeton Baptist in Birmingham where I was told my baby was to be delivered as soon as possible due to my decline in health related to preeclampsia .

I didn't know what that was or even what it meant.

After about seven days I gave birth on February 5th 2010 to a baby girl at 32 weeks weighing 3 pounds even.

I knew she would be a fighter and that's just what she did. She stayed in the NICU for about five weeks and finally came come in April of 2010.She thrived tremendously and now is one of the most loving and smartest 4th graders I know.

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