HELLP & Hemorrhaging

November 14, 2023 By Courtney Robinson

HELLP & Hemorrhaging

A year ago I was nine months pregnant. I just finished a 12 hour shift at the hospital. I came home and I was in severe pain in my upper stomach area. Little did I know….

All I remember was laying on a gurney flying down the hallway to surgery. HELLP Syndrome is a form of severe high blood pressure combined with red blood cell breakdown, damage to the liver and low platelets in the blood.

I was at a huge risk for a seizure or stroke. Zane was at risk of losing too much blood and oxygen while still being inside of me.

During my emergent c-section I was hemorrhaging on and off. My blood wasn’t able to clot to stop the bleeding.

I was put under anesthesia and was not awake for his birth. He had lost too much oxygen at the time and needed to be placed in the NICU for breathing support. His liver was also affected.

Zane recovered very well his first day. Glory be to God.

After surgery I was losing too much blood. I wasn’t able to meet him until his 2nd day of life. I was too ill and bedbound in the critical care unit. I lost a lot of blood and my body temperature went down too low during the night. I wasn’t able to get up and physically visit him in the NICU.

We stayed in the hospital together for a week. Going home was a test of its own. This last year I’ve had my darkest of moments… but Zane is a light of his own that shines on me daily. I am so thankful and grateful.

I was not alone the whole time at the hospital. The nurses, physicians, techs and ancillary staff became my family while we were there. My sister told me a pregnant physician stood by my bed for over an hour to help squeeze the bags of blood I needed into my body. She said “the blood isn’t getting into her fast enough.” The delivery nurses who triaged me stayed after their shift to make sure we made it through surgery. We were so close to being two funerals or one to plan. My coworkers came down from my unit to visit me and hold the baby so I could eat/shower.

I just want to thank all of the healthcare workers and staff that saved mine and my sons life. I’ll never forget your faces.

I went back to work after 8 weeks post partum.

I get to see everything for the first time again through Zane. Every flower, every hug, every laugh is so precious to me. Zane is the sweetest boy. He’s so thoughtful and kind even though he’s too small to really show it I can see it in him. Our bond is like no other. Thank you God for another chance at life for giving me my beautiful children.