All My Vital Signs Were Normal

January 22, 2024 By Gillian Ward Cavicchioni

All My Vital Signs Were Normal

I had done ICSI treatment as there were issues with my Husbands sperm.

Baby Bobby arrived at 34 weeks, weighing 6 pound. He had tried to come two days earlier but my medical team stopped him, they gave me medication to stop the contractions and steroids for his lungs. But, he tried again and this time there was no stopping him.

We had a smooth vaginal birth, everything went fine, he was out in 3 pushes and after a little cuddle was taken to NICU as he was premature.

I should note on the days leading up to his birth I had a little protein in my urine and my blood pressure was slightly high, but it was nothing over concerning and they had planned to monitor.

After birth, they had trouble controlling my bleeding and were preparing for a transfusion, luckily they managed to control it in time. Then my head start to hurt, a pain I’d never felt before. Then the vision in my left eye went, it was grey and extremely blurry (all of my vital signs were normal). I was taken for a cat scan, it was clear. My medical team advised I try sleep, just as I was about to drift off my body started to convulse. Like a seizure but I was conscious and what felt like electricity running through my body (vital signs were still normal). My medical team thought I was having an anxiety attack and gave me a Valium. After a couple hours they sent me to my room in the hospital, but almost right away they came back and rushed me to ICU. I had HELLP Syndrome and my body was shutting down. They had ran a blood test and the results were all over the place. I spent 4 days in the ICU and recovered quickly.

My baby spent 4 weeks and 3 days in the NICU and he died there, he was premature and had Pierre Robin Sequence. He died very suddenly due to reflux and some other complications that came together one dreadful night.

He saved me, he sensed the danger in my body and got me to the hospital on time. He is my hero.