The Appointment

June 04, 2024 By Michelle Haksteen

The Appointment

As a new mother, the joy of welcoming your newborn into the world can quickly be overshadowed by unexpected health complications. Postpartum preeclampsia, a rare but serious condition that can develop after childbirth, became a reality for me following a C-section delivery.

After the birth of my child, I found myself in the recovery room for an extended period of time related to my blood pressure. Fortunately, my blood pressure gradually decreased to a safe range without the need for intervention. However, this fleeting relief was short-lived, as a routine follow-up appointment a week later revealed a startling blood pressure reading of 171/102.

Without exhibiting any noticeable symptoms and with no presence of protein in my urine or headaches, the sudden spike in my blood pressure was a silent yet indicator of postpartum preeclampsia. I was admitted to the hospital and embarked on a three-day journey to stabilize my blood pressure levels. Despite my overall good health, the urgency of the situation led to the initiation of magnesium treatment on the second day. The magnesium proved to be the crucial element in restoring balance to my body and bringing my blood pressure back to a safe range.

I am reminded of the unpredictability of postpartum complications and the importance of postnatal care. The absence of conspicuous symptoms serves as a stark reminder that postpartum preeclampsia can manifest silently. 

If it weren't for that routine doctor's appointment that caught the concerning blood pressure reading, the outcome could have been vastly different.