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Last Updated on March 25, 2020

True Dedication to the Cause

The Preeclampsia Foundation is hosting more than 35 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia events across the country this season. With only one full-time staff person to aid this effort at headquarters, we rely heavily on our Promise Walk Chairs to be the vision, rally their community, and execute these walks that are a crticial part of our mission. Chairing the walk alone is demanding, but many of our Walk Chairs go above and beyond as true ambassadors, not only for the Preeclampsia Foundation's mission, but as Champions for Change in maternal care. Marianne Bohn is one of those champions which makes her our March Champion of the Month! Like many Walk Chairs, Marianne started out as a participant of the closest walk to her in Detroit, Michigan.

I first got involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation by attending a Promise Walk in Detroit, Michigan. It was after the birth of my fourth child and after surviving postpartum preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome twice. The drive to Detroit was four hours and I wondered why there was not one in West Michigan. My personal involvement began at the 2018 Summit. I have always wanted to raise more awareness but never really knew where to start. With the help from the Preeclampsia Foundation, I made the decision to start my own walk!

Starting your own walk is no easy feat. We encourage and train Walk Chairs to recruit committee members to help ensure their events are smashing successes. 

I think that the best thing about my volunteer work with the Preeclampsia Foundation is the awareness I am able to raise. I have had such a positive response from my community, friends, and family. To say that I question myself daily regarding planning the walk is an understatement. The positivity and passion of my committee and community keep me going. 

There are all types of volunteers and we appreciate them all here at the Preeclampsia Foundation. We are always interested in what motivates volunteers and keeps them committed to their important roles.   

I think that passion is the most important asset in volunteer work. The Preeclampsia Foundation supports and encourages my passion, and has been SO supportive from the very start, not just for my passion for awareness but for my OWN journey. As a volunteer I am constantly forced to face my traumatic birth event and when that becomes a little too much for me, the Preeclampsia Foundation is always just a phone call away. The Foundation creates a true partnership and unwaivering support to all of its volunteers. 

 After attending the Champions for Change Summit in October 2018, Marianne has shared her story with several media outlets and, most recently, was featured on her local Fox 17 TV news station in West Michigan. Check out her powerful news story here.

True dedication like this not only raises awareness and crucial funds for much-needed research and other mission-based initiatives, but we're seeing it actually impacting the quality of maternity care in this country. It's a great time to be a Champion and we couldn't be more appreciative. Thank you Marianne!


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