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Young Survivor Wins 2012 T-shirt Design Contest

he Promise Walk for Preeclampsia means something unique to each participant across the country... but this year for one young preeclampsia survivor, it means getting to see her artwork impact thousands!

Mya Detweiler, age 10, and her mother Dawn are no strangers to the Preeclampsia Foundation, or the Promise Walk. After experiencing severe preeclampsia and a harrowing premature delivery, Dawn turned her passion for the cause into action as a lead volunteer for the Foundation, including coordinating her own local Pennsylvania Promise Walk since the inaugural walks in 2005.

"Since she was little, Mya's been helping me stuff goodie bags and hand out raffle baskets for various fundraisers to support the Foundation," said Dawn. "When Mya found out about the t-shirt design contest, she was eager to participate, and this contest was a new way for her to get involved." 

Mya's design incorporates the many different types of people who help the Foundation "Make Strides and Deliver Hope," and will be featured on all of the 2012 Promise Walk shirts.

"I wanted to show all the different people that go to the Promise Walk to help, like dads and family members and friends," Mya explained. "My mom also helped me add a butterfly for people who walk because they remember moms and babies that they miss." She was surprised and excited to learn that she had won the design contest out of more than a dozen design contenders.

"The design reflects not just the wonderful community that the Promise Walk brings together each year - people who walk, give and learn," said executive director Eleni Tsigas, "but it also represents the promise we make to mothers around the world that they will have the chance to watch their own children grow and develop creativity and compassion for others."

"I just thought it would be a neat chance for us to be creative together, but it's turned out to be a very special experience," Dawn added. "A valuable lesson in how being dedicated to a cause and making a seemingly small contribution can really matter... and be fun at the same time!"

Be sure to register today at for a walk near you to get your own 2012 Promise Walk t-shirt! And start thinking about your ideas for next year's design contest.

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