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Building a Successful Fundraising Team

In the words of 17th century English poet John Donne, "No man is an island"... and in the world of fundraising, this is doubly true. The incredible success of the Promise Walks each year is due in no small part to the ability of local walk coordinators and participants to gather their friends and families together and spread the infectious hope for the future that is at the fundamental core of the Promise Walk.

But how does a walk move from helping the Foundation fund a single local education campaign (around $2,000) all the way to funding an entire Vision Research Grant ($25,000)? The answer is the passion and drive of team work! So if you haven't already, start a team and read the following tips on making a big difference:

1) Have a Plan. Set a reasonable goal and make a list of people who would potentially support your efforts. For instance, check out this great formula to raise $500 in a single week, done just by working with the relationships you already have in place. Invite friends and family not just to give, but to join your team and "set a coin can" on their desk at work!

2) Relationships Matter! While we have a great cause (few people can say no to helping moms and babies!), people are giving money not just to the cause, but because they know and support you, and therefore support what matters to you. Keep your donors involved beyond the initial thank you, through a quick email letting them know that their donation helped you reach your personal goal, or telling them exactly what their $25 or $50 donation means not just to the Foundation's mission, but to you personally.

3) Involvement Goes Beyond Giving. We all know that times are tough, but we also give to the causes and the people that matter most to us. Encourage your donors not just to give dollars, but register for the walk and form a team, donating their TIME to the cause.

4) Lead by Example. Don't be afraid to make a stretch pledge, and encourage your contacts to match this goal, and see who can raise it first. Whether it is $50, or $500, competition is a great motivator.

You are an important part of the ultimate team - the Preeclampsia Foundation - comprised of others like you making strides and delivering hope for moms and babies around the world.

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