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Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Preeclampsia strikes fast. We have heard too many stories of moms who felt like something was wrong, but didn’t have a blood pressure monitor at home, were far from a pharmacy and hours away from a hospital. Early detection of high blood pressure in pregnancy may lead to better outcomes. No woman should be unable to check her blood pressure because of financial or geographic limitations.

The Cuff Kit™  empowers women to take charge of their heart health by putting blood pressure monitors and education tools in the hands of eligible pregnant and postpartum women.

Women in need may be eligible to receive a Cuff Kit™. To qualify for a free Kit, you must be:

  • currently pregnant or have given birth within the last 6 weeks
  • unable to purchase a home blood pressure monitor 

Note: living in an area without a 24/7 pharmacy may also increase your eligibility status. Individual Cuff Kits are made possible exclusively because of donations to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Donations of free individual cuff kits are subject to funding and availability.


Apply for a Cuff Kit™ Donate to Provide A Cuff


The Cuff Kit™ comes with an at-home blood pressure cuff, batteries, a paper log for recording your pressures, and information on how and when to take your pressure, how to respond to the numbers, as well as some online tools.

After receiving The Cuff Kit™, you can start monitoring your blood pressure at home. Alert your healthcare provider immediately if your blood pressure begins rising over 140/90. 

We encourage you to consistently monitor and track your blood pressure with a log, twice a day, every day, so it can help guide your healthcare professional’s treatment plan and ensure the safety of both you and your unborn baby. Empower yourself and take charge of your health today!


Are you a provider wanting to offer Cuff Kits™ to your patients? Please visit our provider page here.


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