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Postby timelessbeauty » Sun Oct 19, 637969 1:35 am


Welcome to the Preeclampsia Foundation! Glad you found us and hope we can be of help to you during this time. Congratulations on Samuel and your coming new addition! As far as blood pressure monitors go, I believe many of our members have used Omron, but your doctor may even have a recommendation if you talk to him/her. I had PE at 24 weeks with HELLP Syndrome post partum and took baby aspirin for both subsequent pregnancies. But while I had great pregnancies afterwards, that's because my biology worked with the aspirin. I would recommend talking to your doctor about any potential underlying disorders in which aspirin may not be the best option for your condition/biology. I am very sorry to hear you had such a traumatic time with Samuel's birth as I know our experiences effect how we handle future pregnancies.

Here is a conversation with one of our experts on supplements/aspirin. Hopefully it will help to some degree.

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Postby trishn2004 » Sat Oct 18, 637969 11:35 pm


My name is Trish. I'm happy to have found this website! I'm the mother of Samuel, 2/1/2 years old and currently 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I had severe pre-eclampsia and HELP syndrome with Sam, none of it surfacing until the day I delivered!(four days after my due date and he ended up being an emergency c-section). I lost half my blood volume and was severely anemic for a while, ended up on BP meds for about 9 months. I successfully went off them but now have been placed back on them as I enter this pregnancy because baseline readings over the past few months have been borderine. So.........a little apprehensive, a little nervous, trying to be excited but scared to death of problems again. A few questions for any of you out there:

Anyone have experience with taking Magnesium during pregnancy and the effects on blood pressure? What about baby aspirin?

Any tips on the best at home blood pressure monitors?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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