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Re : Oklahoma?!?!

Postby tiffybabe07 » Tue Apr 05, 638603 3:03 pm

Hey everyone my name is Tiffany White. I am from oklahoma ciy. I am trying to start some kind of organazation here in oklahoma for preeclampsia... Im only 20 years old and I dont know where to start. I had no ideal what preeclampsia was and when they told me about it i just was shocked. I had to have my daughter at 32 weeks. I was 19 years old and I just want to make a difference and I want people to know about it. PLEASE if anyone is interested or anything please email me at wwfgirl66@yahoo.com or my messager is wwfgirl66 i need h

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Re : Oklahoma?!?!

Postby yikes » Fri Dec 04, 638314 2:50 am

I'm from Tulsa area also.

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Re : Oklahoma?!?!

Postby ambersjourney » Wed Oct 04, 638311 9:35 am

I am in Tulsa. Anyone else?

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Re : Oklahoma?!?!

Postby crystalw » Fri Aug 21, 637998 6:23 pm

I am from Northwest Oklahoma

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Re : Oklahoma?!?!

Postby tilleyjohnson » Tue Jul 26, 637966 3:37 pm

I am brandnew to forum. Just found it this morning. but I am from Oklahoma.

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Postby christyrenee86 » Mon Dec 28, 637671 1:17 am

Anyone from Oklahoma?

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