Looking for people to chat with & share with

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Re : Looking for people to chat with & share with

Postby sarab » Fri May 02, 637681 9:20 am

Hi Jamie,

As you can see from this forum, there is only a handful of members in Idaho. I am in Utah, where there are also just a few of us, and just wanted to give you a neighborly wave. [:)]

It sounds like you had quite a scary experience with preeclampsia. I'm so glad that you and your little girl both made it out ok. No wonder you are nervous to try again! You've gotten some great, informative responses to your questions in the other forums you posted in, so I won't hash it out here again.

Hopefully a few of your Idaho neighbors will pop in and say "hello" soon!

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Looking for people to chat with & share with

Postby wintermist » Mon Apr 21, 637681 6:04 am

I am currently located in Mountain Home, Idaho. I moved from Sacramento, California in mid August 2006. It's been a big change for us, but we love it. Here's my story;
I have really been thinking about getting pregnant again. Six years ago I had my first daughter and had one of the most difficult pregnancy causing them to induce labor. I had severe pre eclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension. My doctors just about missed it, i had military doctors and I didn't just have the same one. everyone kept leaving pcs-ing and it got so bad that they were sending me to other doctors in other perfessions... one night I had a family member come over and she took one look at me and said I look awful and that I should go get seen by a doctor. I went to the ER and the took my blood pressure and the next thing I know is they are rushing me up to be admitted and telling me if I hadn't come in tonight, I most likely would have died in my sleep. She came out healthy which was a great surprise to everyone, but I was sick for awhile in the hospital.
Is this most likely to happen again? I am so afraid of that happening again? But if I have better doctors could all of this been prevented or have been better? What are my odds?

I would love to here stories, opions, and advice!

Thank You
feel free to email me anytime!

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