Sam Jam at 4 mos....

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby lucy » Mon Jul 25, 638625 12:29 am

He sounds so cute! Glad hes doing well.

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby kbunsey » Fri Jul 15, 638625 10:17 am

Sooooo glad to read your most recent post! Have a wonderful school year too.

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby dolphinjen » Wed Jun 22, 638625 6:27 pm

I really enjoyed reading your update! SOunds like things are going great with your little guy. I know what you mean about those adorable toothless grins...when their teeth come in you kinda miss them!

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby joker » Sat Sep 07, 638622 7:39 am

So glad to hear SamJam is doing so well!

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby mnmom » Sun Aug 25, 638622 7:12 pm

Su- I am so happy that you are so happy!! Two teeth, huh? Wow. Jaden was a year before he had even one. In fact, I think I was right here freaking out about that one. Of course, he now has a full set and knows how to use them. On his brother. A whole different topic. Take care.

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby surefoott » Thu Aug 15, 638622 2:55 pm

Su, I had to laugh about the 2 teeth, doesn't it just seem like it is all so fast? My son broke 2 teeth at just past the 3-month mark and no one could believe it. Honestly it was like, ok, this babe was JUST BORN!!!! So glad he (and you) are doing well. Hang in there, motherhood is so rewarding but there are definitely a few tough spots during the journey. I'm sorry about the Menieres; my mom had that and I know it is hard to work through. Good to 'hear' from you.

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby suleaf » Sun Aug 04, 638622 12:58 am

Oh Carin.... strangely I can't WAIT to do it again and yet I can..... I want to enjoy some more time with Sam Jam before I rush into it but I worry about being 35 so I feel the pressure of time.

I AM so much happier right now- once he started sleeping and showing more of his little personality, it all changed. He's so funny and sweet and cuddly- he still has his fussy days and evenings but it all makes SENSE to me now and he seems less and less like a stranger and more like this little person I am getting to know. when he cries I generally know why and that helps so much!!!

Motherhood is really what I thought it would be in that sense... I jsut wish I felt better, this Meniere's stuff and hearing loss is so scary and tough but having Sam Jam around makes me tougher- I have to take care of him and so therefore take care of me and there isn't time to be too sorry for myself, just instead find a way of coping.

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby wrennie » Sat Aug 03, 638622 9:40 pm

Su, so glad to hear all is well. I havent checked in on here in a while.I cant believe Sam Jam has 2 teeth, WOW!!! Well, it sounds like he has turned into quite the happy baby! You sound like your doing well too, so happy everything has fallen into place for you and that you are enjoying your baby! It took me a while too, but Aylah is now so much fun! It is hard to go back to work, I wish I could stay home, but I have found it has helped me find some balance too. So, I guess working isnt the worst thing in the world! I still like to shop, so I guess I HAVE to work LOL!!

Hope your enjoying the last few summer weeks. When are we gonna do this all again??? hee-hee

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby season » Sat Aug 03, 638622 3:35 am

Su - thanks for the update. You "sound" so much more upbeat and now you really are enjoying that little man.

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Re : Sam Jam at 4 mos....

Postby sonja » Tue Jul 23, 638622 10:34 pm

Good for you for sleeping when Sam is!

I can't believe that he has two teeth already - where does the time go???

Take care.

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