Feeding question

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Re : Feeding question

Postby jenh » Sat Jan 30, 638613 10:15 pm

Has your baby been evaluated for tongue tie? A lot of peds kind of pooh-pooh the idea, but it can make a huge difference in how easily a baby can latch. Here's a link for more information:

http://breastfeeding.suite101.com/artic ... stfed_baby

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Feeding question

Postby stacylw » Sat Jan 30, 638613 8:10 pm


I had been posting on the 'pregnant again' board until my baby was born. I ended up having a c-section at 37 weeks, and had a 10 lb. baby boy. He spent almost a week in the NICU because he was breathing fast, which they said was probably from getting amniotic fluid in his lungs.

Since we've taken him home (he's now 3 weeks old), he's been sooooo sleepy. He does have a couple of short awake times during the day, but not every day, and they're short lived when they happen.

I've been having SUCH a hard time feeding him. I want to EBF, but he will latch and they be fast asleep after a couple of sucks. So, I've had to pump and feed him with bottles (which were started in the NICU).

The problem is that he is large (10lbs.) and my lactation consultant and pediatrician say he should be eating about 25oz per day. I cannot get him to take more than 1 to 1 1/2 oz per feeding no matter what I do. The problem is both that he falls asleep and that he has a really poor latch on the bottle (similar to the breast) so sucks very weakly which means it takes FOREVER to get even the 1 to 1 1/2 oz into him.

I've asked the pediatrician about this since I've been really worried. Last week he was weighed and gained about 1 lb. in the week, and has been wetting diapers properly. But, I just don't know if this is normal. I feel like he is so bad at eating and swallows so much air and then screams after eating because he's uncomfortable. I'm having a very hard time because he's a big guy and needs a lot of food, so taking 1oz at a time makes it almost impossible to get the amount they said he needs.

I had a 35 weeker before him, and although its hard to remember, I know she was sleepy, but I still feel like she was 'better' at sucking and feeding than he is at 37 weeks.

His EDD was 5/11 and I hoped he would 'wake up' around then as I heard that can happen, but so far the same situation is going on and I am really anxious.

If anyone has any similar stories or any advice, that might help. I feel like the pediatrician doesn't really consider him a 'preemie' since he was 10 lbs, but I feel like he's acting like one, but can't be sure.
They worked him up for infections, jaundice, and other stuff in the NICU and all was normal, so I don't know what to do.

Thanks for your support.

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