Private Messaging functionality is on!

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Private Messaging functionality is on!

Postby blythe » Sat Jul 02, 639250 4:13 pm

Hi everyone!

Way back before the redesign we had private messaging. We like discussions to stay on the boards as much as possible because the more people that share experiences and information, the more likely we're able to meet that poster's needs. Sometimes it's just better to message privately, though - sharing doctor information, hospital names, or even just more personal conversations that you'd rather not share on the public boards.

We didn't turn off private messaging on purpose in the redesign, losing it was an unfortunate side effect, and today we figured out how to fix it.

We were slightly reluctant to turn it on because of all the spam lately - we do our best to delete the spam as fast as we can, but we can't get in your private folders to delete spam, and there's no "spamblocking" software for private messaging within the forum, but we decided to give it a try anyway. We disabled some of the functionality - you can only send a message to one person at a time, for example - so hopefully those changes won't be too inconvenient for us as users and *will* discourage the spammers.

The "News" forum is a locked forum, please comment in this thread viewtopic.php?f=11&t=43399&p=340709#p340709 about how the private messaging is working for you!
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