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Re : Hernia

Postby jenn » Fri Nov 27, 637040 3:10 am

We had this too!
Jai's took nearly a year to correct, but it did it all on it's own.
You'd never guess today that it was ever the world's biggest outtie at one time.

Though keep an eye on it, some do require surgery.
But I'm sure that's just a major extreme.

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Re : Hernia

Postby aimeejane » Sun Nov 15, 637040 7:05 am

Thought I'd add more support to ease your mind...umbilical hernias usually do resolve themselves, and if they don't after a few years (quite rare!), it's a simple surgery to correct them.

Nicky's was corrected surgically, but only because he was already there to have his inguinal hernia fixed. (That's the one in the scrotum...much more dangerous.) I remember the doctor saying, "I went ahead and gave it an extra stitch, just to make sure he'll have an innie." LOL!

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Re : Hernia

Postby season » Wed Aug 29, 637038 4:07 am

Both my kids have/had them. DS was a preemie, dd full-term. Their ped said he can't remember the last time he's seen one needing surgery. For ds it took almost 2 years to resolve. Dd is only 2 months so we'll see. It really is not something to worry about. I never noticed it casuingd s any discomfort.

Also, I'm glad to hear you found a formula that's working for you. I hope things settle down for you know. That she'll just keep growing and you'll just get to enjoy your little one as she grows.

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Re : Hernia

Postby denise » Tue Aug 28, 637038 12:50 am

Just wanted to say I'm happy to hear Samara is doing well on the Nutramigen! I know that stuff is expensive, but it worked for us. It's really exciting when they get to go off of it and you get to spend less $$ on formula though.[;)] Hope she continues to get better![:D]

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Re : Hernia

Postby angelical » Mon Aug 27, 637038 9:38 pm

Aaron's resolved itself too. It was kinda amazing to see it become just a regular little belly button.

Good luck!

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Re : Hernia

Postby maxs mom » Sat Aug 18, 637038 7:07 am

Max had a umbilical hernia and it went away by itself. I noticed after he started his tummy time and started spending a lot of time on the floor, it started to get smaller, I think it is because the stomach muscles became stronger. He now has a cute belly button. It's an inny, but the inside is an outty, but it isn't raised past the stomach, so it doesn't count as an outty, it's very cute.

My friends baby had a huge umbilical hernia. It took a little longer for hers to go away, but it finally did. My friend didn't do a lot of tummy time with her daughtere, so it probably took longer to strengthen the muscles and go down.

One thing to note, as long as you can push it in when they are relaxed, it is fine. It may get worse before it gets better. It may turn purplish. It may get bogger before it goes away. That's OK. And when they cry it gets bigger. But as long as when they are relaxed you can push it in, there is no cause for alarm.

I am glad samara is tolerating the nutramigen, that's great news!

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Re : Hernia

Postby deerhart » Sat Aug 18, 637038 6:51 am

Umbilical hernias are very common in preemies. Mason had one of those and 2 groin hernias (1 on each side). His ped told us there usually is no treatment for the umbilical hernia simply because 99% of the time they resolve themselves within the first year. If they don't then surgery is usually performed around 3 years of age. The pediatric surgeon confirmed this when we saw him for the groin hernias.

Mason ended up having surgery at 50 weeks gestation (he was roughly 3 months old) for a hernia on both sides of his groin. His umbilical hernia resolved itself right after that. It is quite possible that the groin hernias were contributing to it and when they were fixed it helped to resolve the umbilical hernia. Either way, by 5 months old it was gone.
None of Mason's hernia's ever seemed to cause him pain. We used to play a little bit with his umbilical one simply because it felt a little weird and his belly button stuck out kind of funny and it tickled and made him laugh.
He tolerated the surgery very well, we didn't even use tylonal for him. The incisions never seemed to bother him at all and today you can barely even see a scar where they were.

Suprisingly, hernia's also run in family's and are very common in boys. In fact my husband had hernia surgery as a baby as well and the docs were very suprised that Alex never developed one either.

As for the umbilical hernia, very very very very very very rarely they can pinch something but usually its rather difficult. This is in sharp comparision to the groin hernias where the intestines can much easier become stuck in the hole in the muscle and the muscle start to heal up around it, causing a pinch in the intestines and the need for emergancy surgery to prevent problems.

Samara should be perfectly fine with the umbilical hernia, all it is is that the muscle hasn't covered up the underneath of where the umbilical cord was connected. Given some time it should correct itself.


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Postby samarasmom » Sat Aug 18, 637038 2:20 am

Well Samara is doing better on the Nutramigen now. Although I had a rough week with her brother Isaiah and Fifth Disease and now all of us have colds she is doing okay.
However she was diagnosed with an Umbilical Hernia.
I was told not to worry and I trust her doc but I am a mom and sometimes I still worry.
Has anyone gone thru this and is it painful for them and what was the treatment and outcome?
Thanks ladies for your support this long and sorry to be a pest.
Hope everyone else is well and my thoughts are with poor little Wyatt.

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