Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby jenn » Mon Mar 16, 637035 10:53 am

Good luck with everything.
J has had 6 during her three years.
Plus swallow studies, and ph probes.
I know this can be a scary thing for mommy and kiddo'.
Thoughts and prayers for an easy procedure.

Only other thing, advice wise...
Bring a change of clothes for the both of you.
Nobody said she might throw up afterward, I was full of berium (Sp?) all morning :op yuk!

Best wishes.
Much love.

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emily kates mom
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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby emily kates mom » Mon Mar 16, 637035 4:03 am

Here's an update:

Our ped. office just called and said that our appointment is Monday at 7:30 AM. If they can get it done close to that time, that won't be quite as bad... I'll keep you updated! Thanks again for the replies!


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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby deerhart » Wed Mar 04, 637035 7:00 pm

Most docs when they schedule things to be done on children will try to schedule the youngest children first, as they realize they aren't quiet so easy to control when they are hungry. THey then scheudle the older children after that.

Thus when they did Mason's hernia surgey at 11 weeks of age, he was scheduled to start at around 6:30AM, and he any bottles after midnight could only be water.

Alex's tongue clipping at 3 1/2 years on the other hand was scheduled for closer to 8-8:30 AM and he was restricted from all food and drink after midnight.

I am sure they will try to get her one of the earliest appointments they possible can and will give you more specific instructions on what she can and cannot have and after what time when its scheduled.


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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby angelical » Wed Mar 04, 637035 2:45 am

It'll all be over before you know it. I remember it was hard thinking of Aaron going w/o food, but really it wasn't that long. He was about 1 month past his due date when we had his UGI. The test really helped me understand what was happening. You could really SEE the reflux happening on the x-ray. It was fascinating.

Good luck!

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emily kates mom
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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby emily kates mom » Sat Feb 21, 637035 10:26 pm

Thank you for your replies. I feel better already. The only thing I feel bad about is her being sooo.. hungry. Maybe they'll get her in really early. She is so pitiful when she is hungry... she doesn't cry, she just puts her thumb in her mouth and whimpers sweetly.
Our ped.'s officew is making the appt. for us, so I don't know when it is yet. I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks again for your replies!


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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby denise » Sat Feb 21, 637035 4:35 pm

Good luck with the GI! Ariana is still battling reflux at almost 15 months (and I'm pulling my hair out[;)]). She had the upper GI a couple months ago. Her appt was for 9am, so we just tried to keep her occupied. They filled her bottle with the barium and she only drank maybe 25% and it was enough for them to see. The only hard part was that DD hates being laid down and held, so she fought hard. Only one of us could be in the room too, so DH stayed to help and I went behind the glass to stand with the rest of the techs. She's been on Prevacid for months now and that seems to be her wonder drug. We tried Zantac right away, and that didn't work. Then omeprazole, which didn't work. Right now we are trying to make the change to milk, but it's not going so well. Once we get her over to milk, we can try to wean off the meds. My girlfriends DD had reflux too and was able to just go off her meds at 11 months. I'm jealous of that![;)]

Good luck and let us know how things go!!![:D]

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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby jaxsmom » Sat Feb 21, 637035 5:40 am

Hi Emily Kates Mom,

Just wanted to say Jaxon has had the upper GI, I think he had it around 6 mths or so.. I was very nervous too and didn't really no what to expect but they explained everything which made things alot easier.... When will she be going for the Upper GI?? Sending lots of prayers that everything goes well for that day and that Emily Kate gets feeling better very soon.... Sorry I couldn't explain more about what to expect but Jaxon has had a few tests for his reflux and I can't remember which one was which and don't want to explain the wrong test..... [:p]

Dana [:D]

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Re : Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby kim » Sat Feb 21, 637035 5:30 am

I'm so sorry Emily Kate has to deal with reflux. Ainsley had a couple of Upper GI's.. The tech will give her a bottle of barium (a thick white liquid) to drink... Believe me, the baby will love it, because she will be hungry. After drinking, they will lay her down and run an x-ray machine over her abdomen (doesn't even touch her), and that is it!!

Prilosec worked wonders for Ainsley and Zantac did not do a thing.

The good news is, Ainsley finally outgrew her reflux at about 10 months old.

Take care and good look!!!

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emily kates mom
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Anyone w/ baby &Upper GI study?

Postby emily kates mom » Sat Feb 21, 637035 5:12 am

Emily Kate has been having reflux symptoms since she was about 1.5 months old. She will be 10 months on Friday[:0]. She has tried Zantac, and thst did not work. It actually made her spit up even more. Today, our pediatrician prescribed Prilosec. I hope that works better. She also ordered an upper GI study. What exactly is that, and what should I expect? I'm so nervous! I also heard she couldn't eat that morning until her test. That will be so hard to look at her when I know she is starving!

Thanks for your input!

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