scary day, 1 month update

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Re : scary day, 1 month update

Postby maxs mom » Mon Oct 06, 637034 3:15 am

Wow, I have been in your shoes before, but we were in the NICU when all of the real scary stuff was happening. I am glad you mentioned you had monitors, it sounds like Anastacia has some scary apnea. I know reflux can cause this. You may want to talk to your doc about elevating her head when she sleeps. We put Max on his tummy to sleep, and that worked really well for us. He always oxygenated better when he was on his tummy. He was on montiors and oxygen too, so no worry about SIDS for us.

By the way, do you just have an apnea monitor, or did the doc also get you an oximitor? We found the oximitor to be much more beneficial than the apnea monitor. That thing drove us crazy! So if you don't have one, look into getting one. Our insurance covered most of the expense. You can also buy them second hand on ebay.

I hope there is no more episodes.

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Re : scary day, 1 month update

Postby angelkat » Wed Sep 24, 637034 8:41 am

My thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort!

How scary that must have been.

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Re : scary day, 1 month update

Postby angelical » Wed Sep 24, 637034 8:41 am

Oh no! I'm so sorry for your scary episode! I hope Anastacia does better with everything from here on.


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scary day, 1 month update

Postby 5miraclez » Wed Sep 24, 637034 8:26 am

Things aren't going so well right now. I took Anastacia in for another appointment and she had lost weight from the week before(5lb 6oz to 5lb 4oz). The Dr. also thinks she has reflux so she's now on meds for that. On July 4th she quit breathing and her heartrate dropped to 50. She turned blue and wasn't moving. Scared everyone to death. My mom was there so she grabbed her and stimulated her while I turned her oxygen up. Even after she began breathing again, it took some time for her heartrate to return to normal and she stayed really pale for a few hours after. Since then she's been on a lot more oxygen (she was almost off it) and she keeps having short episodes where she forgets to breath. I'm glad she's home but I feel so unprepared for this. I really wasn't ready for something to actually happen. I'm just so glad that she had all the monitors on. I'm going to try and get some new pics today and maybe do some feet print. Please just keep us in your prayers that whatever is going on will resolve itself.

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