ironic situation with my pediatrician

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Re : ironic situation with my pediatrician

Postby lorelei » Fri Oct 29, 637655 10:49 pm

Very ironic...Hope she does well. Let us know.

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Re : ironic situation with my pediatrician

Postby arj » Fri Oct 29, 637655 9:06 am

You never know who it will hit!

My instructor in my Lactation Consultant course shared with us that in 1975, she was told by her doctor that there was a chance her daughter would be born "retarded" because she developed severe preeclampsia. She said that she went from 130 pounds to over 200, her systolic was over 200 and that it's by the grace of God that she didn't stroke out and die during delivery. They didn't do mag or anything like that back then.

And her daughter is healthy and has 3 kids of her own now...

I hope your ped fares well.

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ironic situation with my pediatrician

Postby jenandtheboys » Fri Oct 29, 637655 6:03 am

So get this...........Ethan has his 2 year-old well check this Thursday (turns 2 tomorrow). The ped's office calls this morning to ask if we can reschedule it, because they are having to shuffle things a bit because: The ped, who is pg, had to be hospitalized and put onto full bedrest yesterday because her BP has gone up! [:0] This is her 3rd pg, and the first 2 were picture-perfect. Ironic, huh? I hate that she is dealing with this, and I also hate to have my appt. postponed 2 1/2 weeks and have to see another doc in the practice.

Good thing for her, though, is that she's at 37 1/2 weeks (so said the nurse on the phone), so even though they might induce her today, things ought to be just fine for the baby. Anyway, just thought you guys would find that interesting.

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