speech skills at age 2

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Re : speech skills at age 2

Postby mama2twins » Mon Oct 18, 637655 9:06 pm

Although I cannot really give you an answer since we are younger over here, it sounds like he is right on target to me! I think I did hear the 50 word thing from a speech therapist the other day, but I as always, can ask on Wed when I go to work. I do know that what you said, saying words on his own without prompting, is the part that matters.
Geesh, I guess we are going to be considered severe delay. At 19 months (16 adjusted), they only say CAT, BEBE (baby), BE-BUH (belly button), PEE (plane), and HI consistently. (Unless you can count making a ruff-ruff noise when they see a dog and sniffing when they see or hear the word flower) I have heard some other words but then never heard them again or often enough to think that they know that word for sure. They do however, understand almost everything I say to them, so I am not TOO worried. They are also hearing 2 languages. Did Andrew understand things at this age? How is his expressive speech now? We go to developmental clinic on 3/15, so I will get the true answer there.
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speech skills at age 2

Postby jenandtheboys » Mon Oct 18, 637655 8:10 pm

Alright, expert preemie moms, I need your input again! [:)]

Ethan will turn the big "2" on Wednesday, which is still a little unbelievable for me, but that's another story. Anyway, my question is about how many words your former preemies were saying as they turned 2? Specifically, let's go for preemies born at 30 weeks or earlier.

Ethan is saying between 35-40 words on his own without prompting. I'd like to think this is pretty good, although maybe a little delayed, but I'd love to hear how he compares to your little ones at this age. My Andrew, on the other hand, had a severe speech delay and literally wasn't talking at all at this age. He might occasionally say "ball", but that was it. No kidding. So, watching how Ethan's speech is progressing is really all new to us. Hearing him acquire new words on a daily basis, begin to put 2 or 3 together......it's amazing and is really encouraging to me for his potential outcome. Just wondering what your experiences were.

Isn't the "typical" 2 year old supposed to be saying at least 50 words? Hey, we're not too far from that! [:)] Thanks in advance for sharing your stories once again. [8D]

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