I made a video too!

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Re : I made a video too!

Postby jenandtheboys » Sun Oct 17, 637655 1:49 pm

Fabulous, girlfriend! [:)] Yours made me cry too, especially the ones of the boys together........looking at each other, etc. Now I KNOW I'm making one!

But, I'm such a crazy type-A perfectionist sometimes, I worry about how long it would take me. How long did you work on it? How did you get the music you wanted on there? Details, details, ok?

Thanks for sharing, the video rocks!

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I made a video too!

Postby lorelei » Sun Oct 17, 637655 1:38 pm

I loved Michelle's idea..Hers was awesome so I tried it myself. I honestly threw it together at work this morning just from pics I had in the Kodak gallery. The first picture is blurry for some reason..no idea why..I'll try to figure it out later.

The link is in my siggy.

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