4 years

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Re : 4 years

Postby debbie78 » Sun Jun 06, 638613 1:33 am

I think it's wonderful to think that your daughter "graduated" before you. That is a very comforting thought. <3 I am glad the day was "okay" and that you were able to take phone calls.

Su-- I've often said that same thing about Sophie-- she was already perfect and that's why she was born straight into the arms of angels.

Happy (belated) birthday, Kaitlyn.

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Re : 4 years

Postby angelkat » Sat Jun 05, 638613 6:20 pm


I often wonder how you are doing... Thinking of you and your family...

Happy birthday sweet Kaitlyn

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Re : 4 years

Postby denise » Tue May 25, 638613 12:08 pm

Thinking of you and Kaitlyn....

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Re : 4 years

Postby rosemary » Sat May 15, 638613 10:10 am

Cassie, thinking of you and your sweet Kaitlyn today. Sending you lots of hugs.

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Re : 4 years

Postby fiona » Sat May 15, 638613 8:35 am

Cassie, I can't believe it's been four years either.

I am so glad you decided to post - I think of you and your family often. Thinking of Kaitlyn and hoping that Stephen and the twins are doing well.

Many hugs.

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Re : 4 years

Postby suleaf » Sat May 15, 638613 3:01 am

Cassie.... you made me think of something my mom said that made me feel better. She said in Hinduism (different from what you believe but it gave me a lot of strength) that I carried a perfect soul.... that Mira was so perfect in this life she needed to live for only a moment and then she moved on to Heaven or her next life. I was chosen to carry this perfect soul... and even though it makes me tear up even now, it made me feel better. I was LUCKY to have Mira in my life.... and you wre lucky to have Kaitlyn.

I am so glad you have strength and God and that you celebrated Kaitlyn's birthday. ((HUGS)) Happy belated birthday little angel.... I like the idea she "graduated" too....

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4 years

Postby cassie05 » Fri May 14, 638613 8:45 pm

Hi everyone. Im sad to see so many new faces in the G&L group. I am sorry to hear of all the losses on here. I come around from time to time to just read, I am sorry I dont respond, I just cant.

Well it was 4 years since our little girl grew her wings on May 22nd. This year was a little different than the other years. I actually accepted phone calls on her birthday, something I could not do in the past. My hubby is deployed this year too so I think thats part of the reason I accepted calls, I was lonely and well it kept me sane to talk to others.

The kids and I went out to eat for her birthday, a family tradition we do for everyones birthdays. We went and got balloons to release as well and had a cheesecake and sang happy birthday to her. Since we now live 3000 miles from her grave site, my MIL went out and put out beautiful pink flowers with a princess balloon, a crown, and a butterfly, it was perfect for our little butterfly angel. My grandma sent me flowers this year too so that was a nice surprise. This year I was mostly ok, I did break down and cry some, not as much though as I did in the days leading up to her birthday. I look around and just think of what could have been. But it was not meant to be. God has her. She has a wonderful joyful life in Heaven and when my time comes, I will be with her again.

A lady not long ago said she believes that when our time on earth is done that we will go up to Heaven and our babies will still be babies where we get to raise them there. I like this idea. Also recently a missionary and I were talking, we got on the topic of Kaitlyn, she said I did not 'lose' my daughter, she simply graduated before me. I love this. My baby graduated to Heaven, she got to leave this life for the most glorious place. One day we will all be reunited!

I miss her so much but I have to keep pushing forward. I know shed want this for me. She doesnt want me to only think of her death, she wants me to think of the joy I had when I was pregnant and feeling her move and to think of her eternal life. I may have my moments of questioning God asking why this happened to me, but I know that my faith must stay strong, without God I couldnt get through. How can I be mad at the person that is taking care of my little girl, giving her the best care that anyone ever could. He will see me through. He still carries me through the rough days. He knows my heart hurts and He knows it always will on this earth.

Im not sure how its been 4 years already. Some days it feels like it only happened yesterday, some days it feels like an eternity.

Ladies, you will get through this. You will never get 'over' it but you WILL get through it. The ladies here are wonderful. God bless you all.

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