Hypertensive specific pregnancy

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Re : Hypertensive specific pregnancy

Postby caryn » Thu May 27, 638945 12:56 am

Chronic hypertensives -- this includes women whose pressures start to rise before 20 weeks gestation -- have a one in four chance of preeclampsia in any pregnancy.

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Re : Hypertensive specific pregnancy

Postby alexa5 » Sun Jan 20, 638943 9:40 am

I agree with the above in that they often consider hypertension to be a good reason to deliver and you can also be considered severe pre-e with high bp alone if it is high enough. So, I think hypertension probably is a bigger problem in that most people have a higher chance of developing pre-e in future pregnancies if they had pre-e before and have issues with hypertension.

That said, some of us do okay with the higher pressures, so it doesn't mean you won't or can't do well. I know in my case even though my pressures were pretty high for a while, I felt reasonably okay and things didn't get dire for me. I did get induced at 33 weeks, but there are worse examples of pre-e out there. I think the fact that I had a somewhat higher baseline normally probably helped some.

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Re : Hypertensive specific pregnancy

Postby rachelc » Thu Jan 10, 638943 7:11 am

I don't know but, I am willing to give you my thoughts. For me, the bp was a huge factor in the decision to deliver. The first one my bp was 180/120 and my MFM made the decision to try for induction. It was then determined that I had developed HELLP and so the induction was scratched and I delivered via c-section instead. My second, I went in to L&D with bp around 190/140 and again the decision was made to deliver. Baby #3 there were several factors but, uncontrolled high bp was pretty much at the top of the list. You can spill up to 5000 mg/dl of protein before most doctors would consider that to the main factor in the decision to deliver. I don't know that proteinuria, really affects the baby other than the fact that anything that affects the mom affects the baby. KWIM? I guess what I am trying to say is that I don't consider it to be "just" hypertension. I think that what gives you the best chance of having a healthy baby is good care and careful monitoring. It sounds like your babies do good in spite of the high bp so hopefully your chances are good of having a healthy baby.

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Hypertensive specific pregnancy

Postby korie » Thu Dec 27, 638942 10:29 am

Okay I am grasping at straws here but I would like to know if I have better chances for a healthy baby since my biggest issue is hypertension and not pre-e (at least as of now)? I am on max dose of labetalol, procardia and started Aldomet. They aren't doing a great job at controling my BP, but I am assuming they will let me run a bit higher since I have hypertension outside of pregnancy and my body is used to running a little higher. I know with my last pregnancies, I never had IUGR and my peris said my babies loved my high BP. I am sure they were kidding, but the babies seemed to flourish despite the BP. It was me that was the issue in both pregnancies. I am pretty sure that the BP can cause my placenta to deteriorate faster though.

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