Question of the Day: Diet and PE

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby norlisa k » Sat Feb 10, 637342 7:27 am

Hi Emily,

I'm not a dietician, but hey, if you're eating healthier and feeling better--you go, girl! [8D]

My perinatologist (who is excellent) really never focused on diet with me, he always told me to eat when I was hungry. Although I did develop gestational diabetes, he still didn't get on my case because I was watching what I ate carefully and he was happy with my blood sugar levels. My peri wants me to lose weight now, and part of that is eating healthier and eating smaller portions. I'm sure that if you have a doctor that you trust and is a good one, he or she can help answer questions about diet.

We really don't choose one diet over another here on these boards, but I know that a healthy diet is a good diet. [:)] Congrats on finding a diet that is healthy, works for you, and makes you feel better! (Hopefully it adds to your energy level having to watch your 3 1/2 month old son!)


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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby emily_985 » Thu Feb 08, 637342 10:00 pm

I found this article linking preeclampsia to insulin resistance. It's an old article, I'm sure a lot of you have already read this. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone was advocating a diet low in refined carbs for women at risk of developing preeclampsia? I know I ate a ton of refined carbs during my pregnancy, a lot during the end too since it was December and my work had sweets out at all times. Right now I've cut out refined carbs, eating more fruits, veggies and meat and feel a lot better. Here is the article: ... nting=true

Just wondered what anyone thought of this.


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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby molly419 » Fri Jun 08, 637336 10:47 pm

I would say that my diet was well-balanced and in portion. I only gained 1 to 2 pounds my first 5 months. I also worked out 5 days a week for 30 minutes, took my vitamins, and cut out caffine, fish, and soda.

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby dlwb » Sat Feb 25, 637336 5:30 am

My midwife advocates the following to reduce BP but not necessarily prevent or reduce pre-e:
raw onion
pregnancy tea/nettle tea
antioxidants like fresh berries
2 gel caps of Evening Primrose oil a day, or flax seed oil, or more "Good" fish with EFAs
I also take Magnesium and Potassium and Vitamin E.
In some studies, I read extra calcium is also important for prevention of pre-e.

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby debmc » Sat Feb 25, 637336 2:51 am

With my first baby I ate rather unhealthily and gained loads of weight. I assumed that this was what caused by pih.

So second time around I ate sensibly and gained the right amount of weight. I still developed pih, though worse this time.

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby caryn » Mon Apr 16, 637032 9:24 am

I was actually *on* the Brewer diet from before day one -- my midwife suggested it during a preconception consult. I guess maybe I would have gone to 25 weeks if I *hadn't* been on it, but still a case of severe PE at 34 weeks is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

I suspect most of the people who report success with it either a) weren't going to get PE in the first place, or b) are on subsequent pregnancies. Certainly I keep running across commentary along the lines of, "Boy, I was sick my first pregnancy, and then I ate the Brewer diet and I was fine!" -- which simply doesn't account for the fact that PE is much more common in first pregnancies than in subsequent pregnancies by the same father.

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby april » Mon Apr 16, 637032 8:35 am

Does anyone know how well the brewers diet works during preg? Or any experiences with it? I talked to my Dr. about it for my next preg, and she said there is no proof that it works to prevent PE, but if I would like to do it, she would not have any problems with it. As long as my kidneys are normal.

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby pugmommy7 » Sat Apr 14, 637032 8:24 pm

i was 60 pounds overweight before each pregnancy. i followed the ada diet during both, and lost weight.
after the first,i went back to my evil ways and quiclky gained 40 pounds plus 20 more.

i am really trying to avoid sugar.
the more i eat the more i crave, then feel sick.

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby nborrayo » Sat Mar 24, 637032 3:05 am

Before pg:
I ate a diet very rich in healthy foods(not vegetarian)-lots of whole grains and vegetables, but I must admit the dark chocolate, black licorice and ice-cream that I had on frequent occasions. I was about 10 or 15 lbs overweight when I got pg. I did eat a lot of sushi - tuna - which I now know has a ton of mercury.
During pg:
The first I did not gain anything because of all day nausea. I drank Ensure shakes because I was scared the baby was not getting anything. Only thing I wanted was hen it was bean, cheese and sour-cream burritos, and orange foods - lots of mangos, carrots, sweet potatoes etc...Normally I LOVE all vegetables but did not touch a green vegetable the whole pregnancy. Also I had an aversion to ice-cream and chocolate. If only that would have stayed on after the pregnancy, I would have lost the weight by now!

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Re : Question of the Day: Diet and PE

Postby annes » Fri Feb 17, 637032 5:23 am

This is a funny topic, I ate very little while I was pregnant, and was much more cautious than I usually am. I LOVE junk food, but generally have a pretty healthy diet (it resembles the food pyramid that you learn in elementary school, except for the fish), and we cook most of our meals. I had no appetite while pregnant, and my DH was a little bit of a tyrant, no blue cheese/soft cheese/deli meat/caesar salad (dressing made with raw eggs[:(]) etc.. for me. So of course all I wanted to eat was Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing[:p]. I did not get them until the little sprout was born! I would try almost anything, including the dreaded vegetarian diet, if I thought it would keep the dreaded PE at bay. I think I would just OD on pasta and cheese if I did that though...

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