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Re: Successful Forum Support

Postby ozkate » Tue Aug 21, 639240 9:43 pm

Hi. I'm pregnant again, five years after losing my first baby to PE (and two years after deciding I probably shouldn't try for another baby!). I'm so glad to have this website to turn to. It is a fantastic resource and support in what is a terrifying time for me. Keep up the good work.
Lost first baby Charlie due to severe PE at 31 weeks in September 2005.
Pregnant with number 2, due 9 October 2011.

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Re: Successful Forum Support

Postby lilysmommymindy » Thu Jul 16, 639237 5:44 pm

Agreed! The forums provided me with the knowledge I needed to brave a second pregnancy, the support to sustain the pregnancy and also have a successful outcome. Additionally, the forums have been a place to help me process through the tramatic experience with my first born, like group therapy, a place to connect with others that understand. Now I try to assist and support others to pay it forward the way so many others have done for me. I frequently refer women to this site from the What to Expect Complications Boards who are looking for answers, guidance and support in the face of this terrible disease. Finally, this board has inspired me to be part of raising awareness through participating in Denver's inaugural Promise Walk. I just got a reply from my volunteer application submission and I'm so excited to be part of such an amazing cause. Thank you to the countless women who have done and continue to do so much! You rock!

DD#1 Lily Adrianna: 8/28/08 Born 36wks 0days due to Class 2 HELLP Syndrome and Severe Preeclampsia via csection. 4lbs 10oz 17in
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Successful Forum Support

Postby admin » Wed Jul 15, 639237 7:10 pm

In the home office, we recently received this comment from PE survivor Niharika Walia : "This website has helped me a lot and made it possible for me to get through my second pregnancy with a happy ending. I owe a lot to people on the forum". Thank you, Niharika, for your comment. We are so happy our Forum has been able to be there for you!

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