Holiday FUN - Gather and Give

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Holiday FUN - Gather and Give

Postby Dawn D » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:11 pm

Gather and Give. Continue the Hope.


You can make gathering with friends and family extra meaningful this year!
‘Tis the season to be thankful for all that we have been given. It is also a time to reflect on those who are not as fortunate. Sadly, even as we gather in love and thanksgiving, the lives of many mothers and babies will continue to be threatened by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and related pregnancy disorders.

This past year, the Preeclampsia Foundation funded innovative research - and through the website - reached almost 700,000 new women, health care providers, corporate executives and other supporters. The Foundation plans to reach 150,000 MORE women and their families in 2010. We're also developing new education tools to target underserved women. Local activities organized by volunteers raise critical money that strengthens these efforts.

Below are just a few awareness and fundraising ideas that can be worked into holiday activities you may already have planned.

*If you wish to coordinate a project, please complete the Event Organizer Form and contact me at [email protected] in advance of your planning so we can provide you more specific support.

BAKE an extra batch. Most of us will be baking treats for the holidays. Why not double the ingredients, wrap the goodies in a bow, and sell at your next community group meeting?

GIVE directly by clicking our “donate now” button found on the website home page. Donations can be made in honor or memory of a loved one. In lieu of gifts, ask friends to donate to PF.

SHARE your story with others through mailings, emails, blogs, or posts on your social networking page. Spread word about the hope that the Preeclampsia Foundation is providing, and print the website on the bottom of your holiday cards.

SHOP on-line using and When you select the Preeclampsia Foundation as your charity of choice the organization receives a donation for each search or purchase. It all adds up!

CREATE a holiday-themed project. Organize a gift-wrapping station at a school, church, or mall. Host a craft table at the local bazaar. Or sell candy cane-O-grams to classrooms, playgroups, and senior homes. Attach a note card with blank space for the purchaser to write a joyful message to be given to a friend. Be sure the Preeclampsia Foundation website and/or mission appears on the card.

ENTERTAIN loved ones with a party. Charge a fee to participate in things like a white-elephant exchange, wine or beer tasting, poker or bingo game, etc. Include the Preeclampsia Foundation website in your on-line invitations.

We feature 15 additional ideas here
Check out the list…they really are fun and creative!

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