They Say Boys Are Bigger But the Weaker Sex

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They Say Boys Are Bigger But the Weaker Sex

Postby timelessbeauty » Wed Mar 16, 2005 07:26 am

Well, after my experiences with Ben who passed as 6 months gestation, I realize he was feeling bad for a long time before I delivered him. Right now I feel like I am carrying the Tazmanian Devil in my belly. Judo or Soccer are definitely in his future! I'm a little hesitant to get too excited about how strong and vigorous this guy is because I know that it's harder to carry boys for some reason while PE is factor. This is the healthiest pregnancy I've ever had but the thought of PE still lingers in my mind. While I keep up on my heparin shots, baby aspirin, BP meds, prenatals and sneak in a sip of Pepsi now and then to stir up some action from the boy, I can't help but remind myself to be patient for his birth. I won't be completely comfortable until he's born and I know he's ok.

I've not really ever noted Braxton Hicks contractions in any of my other three (close to full term) pregnancies. This time around, WOW, pain in the lower back, figured from muscles stretching and then pulling pains in the front from the added weight this baby is putting on my abdominals. It was the groin pain that I had to question and went to see my regular doctor until I could get in to see my OB/Peri. Turns out my uterus is just irritable, much like the rest of me some times, LOL.

We are going great guns to be 31.5 wks along right now and my dh and I are getting anxious to see our new little addition! A BOY! Well, I will sign off here with my thoughts for the day. I have to attend to some business regarding Girl Scouts and Cookie sales. Hope you all purchased your cookies for the year! lol .. We can invite Girl Scouts to do community service and donate a portion of their profits to PF.

Talk to you soon!


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