Question about pulse...

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby akemt » Tue Nov 25, 2003 10:39 am


What a pain! How scary it must feel to have you concerns and fears and symptoms ignored! Argh...makes me mad.[:(!] I was sent home more than once for lower BP reading after laying on my left side. Though, my OB beleived me and knew that it really was happening. AND, I had atleast a 20-40 pt difference in my bp's from sitting/standing to laying down. Perhaps print off the "ask the experts" section on how to take a BP and bring it with you.

I think it would be great if we had a place where we could send doctors (online) to get this kind of inform them AS WELL AS us.

Keep up the good work! I know it is a pain.

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby deerhart » Tue Nov 25, 2003 08:26 am

wow sounds like my second pregnancy LOL except that the majority of my pulse problems were in my first pregnancy

1st off I know EXACTLY how you feel with the pulse thing. I had the EXACT same thing. Episodes would last roughly 45-60 minutes and the hospital would never catch it (except once)... Thyroid come back normal (its a symptomn of that), I wasn't dehydrated (again its a symptomn of that) thus it was either asthma attacks (which I do have asthma and it is a symptomn of that) or PE (again another symtpomn)

In my second pregnancy I would get really high readings and rush to the hosptial feeling dizzy and having a headache, they would lay me down, take my BP and of course it dropped and since I didn't have protein they would start reciting the medical books (Hi, do I look like you medical book?!?)

But, they were wrong, though there wasn't anything they could really do about it and when I gianed 7-10 lbs in 8 days and had a BP reading at my docs office of 120/98 she decided we had fooled around with it long enough.

Of my symptomns all my doctor could say was that I exhibited symptomns abnormally and it looked like my body was more intune to my BP. Thus, instead of having problems at 140/90 I started having problems at 130/84.

As for advice, if you don't feel well just keep going. It doesn't matter if the doctors think your wrong, a hyperchondriac, nuts whatever, because when it comes right down to it if something DOES happen, its YOU that it happens too. Also, talk to your regular doctor and your insurance. You may be able to get someone to come out and monitor your BP to report to the doctor etc..

The thing about position, sitting up and standing the baby shouldn't be laying on your artery unless the baby is in a strange position, but laying down on your back then the baby will (also think about how could the baby by putting pressure on the artery unless the artery runs sidewise underneath the baby when your sitting up/standing)
Your BP DOES drop when lying down on your side, I am a good example of that. In labor with my second child they monitored my BP every 5 mins the entire time. It stayed at 125/70 at all times EXCEPT when I either sat up, stood up, or rolled over to my back. Every single time it shot to 140/90.

In addition, if standing up/sitting caused the baby to place pressure on the artery, then all pregnant woman would have their BP's skyrocket when standing and they don't.

Hope it helps, your not the first person who's gone through something like this. There are those of us out there that exhibit symptomns differently and when doctors see us, they tend to ignore it becuase its atypical and think its something else even though its not.


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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby taras mom » Tue Nov 25, 2003 03:51 am

It's great that your baby looked good on the monitor and that your mom is looking out for you, but I'm very concerned, especially about the headache and spots. Is there another OB you can see? Has anyone checked your urine? You shouldn't wait until next week, at any rate.

PS: I think the Foundation should have a John Q on retainer for just such an occasion.[;)]

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby anjiev21 » Tue Nov 25, 2003 03:32 am

Hi everyone...wanted to give you guys an update...
My headaches/spots/trouble breathing has been getting worse and worse, and now it is even hard for me to sleep. I had my mom take my bp monitor to the store and check it against theirs (since her bp is more stable than mine) and it seems to be accurate. My pulse was still doing the same thing, at times it would be up about 120 just sitting here on the computer, not to mention when I actually get up and walk to the bathroom. Well, mom made me go to the ER this afternoon after my pulse has constantly been 100+ even while laying on left side. When I got there my reading was 148/99 with pulse of 135 sitting. They sent me up to L& D since I'm 28 weeks now. L&D immediately layed me on my left side & monitored baby, and hooked me up to bp machine. Of couse my 1st reading was 120/80 pulse 100, and only got lower from there.
After the doc told me my bp was "stellar" and better than his, I argued with him & 2 nurses about it being taken while I was laying on my left side. The nurse's explaination was that was the best way to take it, since in that position the baby wouldn't be laying on my main artery. So, I asked her if she was telling me that when I sit or stand, the baby was on it, and it made my bp go up...she said probably. Then they gave me Lortab. Said for my headache. After about an hour another nurse came in to check if it worked. Told me there was no way I had pre-e, only trace of protein in urine. Told me no way I had PIH cause my bp was great, now it was down to 90/56 pulse 82. Of course it was lower! The lortab had kicked in! I told her let me sit up and then take my bp so she could see how high it can get.[:(!] She ignored me and told me as long as I don't do any jogging I would be fine. Plus the baby was ok (thank goodness), so if I have any problems, its not related to pregnancy. See my doc next week. No bloodwork done. Seems the doc on call didn't see it neccessary. So, here I am up since 4am, heart still racing, pain in side , pressure in chest, been throwing up (probably because of lortab)and just feel like crap in general. I know something is wrong, but now I really don't know what to do. I don't know who to see or what else I can do at this point! Do I have to pull a John Q or something?[:p] Or just wait to see if I have seizures? Any more advice anyone? [?]

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby lisac » Sun Nov 23, 2003 10:41 am

Hi there,
Would it be possible to go to your doctor's office tomorrow and compare your bp monitor to theirs? You wouldn't even need an appt.; you could just have the nurse quickly help you. It's really important that you know if the machine is reading correctly.
Since your normal doctor may not be accessible over the Thanksgiving holiday, has he/she told you when the pulse is too high and you should go in to Emergency? Have you been told when bp is high enough that you should be checked out by the on-call doc or Emergency? I'd hate for you to have to figure these things out yourself if your normal doc. isn't around and it's late Thurs. night. It's just nice to be prepared (in the rare event of emergency) and have a gameplan. Please get the monitor checked so that you can have peace of mind that those low readings are accurate!

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby alysa » Sun Nov 23, 2003 09:39 am

I'd definitelly get another dr.'s opinion. Make sure he is not disregarding your BP, my first dr. was waiting for signs of protien in my urine, which I never had, I developed PIH not preeclampsia, which is still serious. When I had PIH my first pregnancy I did eat low sodium foods and I do think it can help.

I would tell your insurance or your doctor that you'd like an appt. with a specialist (perinatologist). It sounds like you are developing hypertension as well and make sure your dr. is checking the signs for preeclampsia. I have a high pulse as well and am watching my bp. I believe if it goes up at any point it is a concern. Maybe bed rest could help. I put a lot of info under the BP Very Healthy... Topic - maybe you can ask your doctor about any opinions I have (always check with your doctor first before taking any suggestions).

If you feel very badly Call your dr. right away. A Cardiologist visit could be beneficial too.

Take care


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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby anjiev21 » Fri Nov 21, 2003 05:19 pm

Just wanted to let everyone know...
Went to new OB today (finally) and told him of problems I have been having with my pulse. I've been having headaches every day, which seem to get worse when my pulse goes up. My b/p seemed to be normal (110/70) but my pulse would almost always be 110+ after doing nothing other than sitting. At times my sitting pulse rate was up as high as 140. I noticed when I didn't have the headaches, my b/p was about the same, but my pulse was around 80. I've been feeling very dizzy, and have been seeing spots every day. It is only getting worse, not to mention all the other problems I've been having.
Well, much to my surprise, my b/p reading at the OB was 138/98. The nurse & I both thought maybe it was an error, so I relaxed, we waited, and tried again. Got the same reading. My b/p has never been so high in my life! [:(] Plus, my pulse rate was 114, which according to the doctor, was way too high. He referred me to another doctor, saying he thinks there is a problem with my heart. What worries me even more though, it will be another week before I can see the other doc, and I think the home bp monitor I have isnt reading right! It is still telling me my b/p is around 110/75. Meanwhile, the OB is running blood tests but will be out of office until Dec. The only advice he gave me was to cut my salt intake, and wasn't too concerned about the b/p reading. Is there anything else I should be doing?

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby buffy » Wed Nov 19, 2003 11:15 am

Pulse hasn't reached that yet, thank God, and I don't usually feel out of breath or like I'm going to pass out.[:)]

We ar doing well, baby has dropped and I lost my mucus plug yesterday (I'm pretty sure) but I will find out more details today about our progression. WE have an appointment in an hour so we will see. As far as the pree symptoms go, my BP has been hoovering at about 140/85 on average when I take it at home after laying on my side for an hour or so, the swelling has progressed a bit now I feel my nose is widening and my hands have a hard time gripping and writing my feet also seem to stay constantly swollen(but not too much), the only other symptom that may be a problem is that my vision has been a little blurred on occasion, maybe not a problem though. So I guess today will tell, they will do another urine test as usual and then tell me what's up. I am at 36 wks 2 days so I think that at this stage if in fact I do have pree they won't be worried about her, I'm pretty sure she's fully developed, just not very fat. I will let you know tomorrow, Thanks for asking.[^]

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby laura » Wed Nov 19, 2003 08:55 am

Buffy- here's my non-medical, non-expert opinion- nobody got really excited over my pulse, either. When your heart beats quickly, often your blood doesn't do as great a job of carrying oxygen through your body, making you feel breathless. When I'd hit 100, I'd start feeling like a fish out of water- huffing and puffing.

From what I understand, hitting 100 BPM isn't dangerous in and of itself- but if the symptoms that accompany it are too unpleasant (and I was nearly passing out walking down the aisle in the grocery store) then you should make a deal out of it. Beta blocker antihypertensives are good for slowing your pulse down.

And absolutely go in to ER/Labor and delivery if it hits 120 and get put on a heart monitor-- WAY too fast isn't good for your heart.

How ARE you feeling, by the way?[:)]

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Re : Question about pulse...

Postby jjbeck » Wed Nov 19, 2003 07:55 am

what is your pre pg pulse?

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