Pottsgrove Walk '06 Results Report

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Re : Pottsgrove Walk '06 Results Report

Postby molly419 » Thu May 11, 2006 11:54 am

Sounds like you had a wonderful walk!! $3,200 with such a small amount of walkers is awesome.

GREAT JOB with all the media coverage and keep us updated on your radio interview! That is SUPER exciting. :)

Looking forward to working with you in the future Dawn.

Dawn D
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Pottsgrove Walk '06 Results Report

Postby Dawn D » Wed May 10, 2006 00:50 am

The weather was beautiful!

In addition to my opening remarks, the participants heard speeches from two local women (Heather R. and Amy G.) who shared touching stories of their experiences with Preeclampsia. Heather spoke on the PreE influenced birth of her son Sam (who was on an apnea monitor at last year’s walk) and her current (so far healthy) pregnancy. The walkers were also moved by Amy as she spoke, with her two surviving children beside her, about the delivery and loss of her daughter due to preeclampsia and HELLP this past December. A great BIG thank you to both of them for their courage and inspiring words.

Our “Honor and Remembrance” poster displayed the names and birth details of 13 children and 5 women affected by Preeclampsia for which loving family and friends were walking. Most readers barely made it halfway down the list before shedding a tear. It was a tender reminder of the incredible importance of our walk-a-thon efforts.

“In-kind” donations of bananas (from Redners Warehouse Market), water bottles (Dairy Queen) and raffle items equaled approx $345. Reading Phillies baseball game admission tickets (given to each walker) were an additional value of $280+.

A HUGE thanks to Amy Grady and her family who single-handedly were responsible for over $700 in donations/sponsorships toward the cause (collected in memory of her daughter Olivia). Sincere appreciation to ALL who collected donations beyond their walk fee.

The remaining t-shirts will be passed to the Indiana Coordinators for their Yard Sale toward the cause. The remaining brochures were handed out in the community. Note: several people appreciated the HELLP brochures as they were unfamiliar with this syndrome.

An unofficial tally of funds raised by our site is $2600. With only 25 pre-registered walkers and just a few walk-ups. Note: March of Dimes was the weekend prior; Relay for Life is weekend following at same site.

Our walk was advertised on several PA and DE radio station and community websites, also on the local Pottstown TV cable channel, and on the Philadelphia area forum of BabyCenter and Philly Woman - “Locker Room” Page.

Keep a watch out for a post with details on the airing of my 30 minute radio interview recorded with Philly Rock station, 93.3 WMMR.

P.S. Congrats to Harrisburg area walk (held less than 2 hours away from our site) for such a successful event. Molly and Heather, you are wonderful coordinators ......Although, the Pottsgrove site was a bit “smaller scale”, together we’ve certainly accomplished the goal of helping PF in raising funds and awareness in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to doing more in the future!!

Dawn (34) Pottsgrove, PA W-A-T Coordinator
Kirk (35)
Mya (4) delivered @30 wks/emerg c-sec/severe PreE/ remained severe following delivery

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