Question, and my experience with pre-eclampsia

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Re : Question, and my experience with pre-eclampsia

Postby paljane8 » Sat Dec 27, 2003 07:11 pm

I'm with Lisa...if you are not on meds you should be with pressures like that. Sometimes it takes a while for them to return to normal. Keep us updated.

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Re : Question, and my experience with pre-eclampsia

Postby lisac » Sat Dec 27, 2003 12:28 am

Congratulations on having a healthy baby girl!
Sorry that you're still struggeling with your blood pressure. Are you taking medication? If so, sometimes you need to find the right one that will work for you. Labetolol & Procardia didn't work for me, but then I was switched to Atenolol & Procardia. The Atenolol worked like a charm, and it also kept my pulse under control. At least it sounds like your bp is slowly trending back to normal.

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Re : Question, and my experience with pre-eclampsia

Postby alimarie » Fri Dec 26, 2003 10:09 am


congrats on your baby! I can relate to the blood pressure not going down right away. i was on meds for a couple months after having my daughter. i don't really remember how long it took but hopefully yours will be coming down soon!
about the weight. it is funny you should ask because i just posted something to that effect earlier this week. i gained fifty pounds with my daughter. i hope most of that was water and i wouldn't gain it all again with a second pregnancy. anyway, i am sorry to say that i have struggled to get it off and keep it off. i lost 27 lbs. the first week of having her...water i guess. i gained a few lbs of that back and then lost 26.5 with weight watchers. unfortunately i lost my motivation in the spring and gained some of that back. i struggle with feeling guilty and mad that i can't lose my "baby weight" like other people i know. right now i am trying not to beat myself up about it but the holidays don't help with all the goodies around. i have been walking though so we will see. i am sure that you will be like a lot of people and lose it soon. but, i would encourage you to remember that in the end it is worth gaining some weight to have such a beautiful gift in your life. that is what i am trying to focus on. i would rather have my daughter than be my previous weight!


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Re : Question, and my experience with pre-eclampsia

Postby kim » Thu Dec 25, 2003 05:51 pm

Hello and welcome to the Preeclampsia Foundation. I'm not a doc [:)], but your situation sounds a lot like mine. Who is monitoring your bp now? Usually, if it has not returned to normal by 6 weeks postpartum, your primary care doc will take over and put you on bp meds for a while. Sometimes, unfortunately, pre-e will bring out "hidden" high blood pressure. I have a family history of hypertension, and never had a problem until my pregnancy. And, 13 months postpartum, I'm still on meds [:(].

About the weight thing. I had the same problem. I had lost 25-30 pounds in the first trimester due to hyperemesis. I got down to 100 pounds. I retained about 50 pounds of water that didn't really go away until 5 months after I had the baby. And, I kept gaining. About a month ago, all of the weight just disappeared and I fit in all my clothes again. It was so strange.....

I hope you feel better soon

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Question, and my experience with pre-eclampsia

Postby alicat256885 » Wed Dec 24, 2003 09:51 pm

I had a healthy baby girl on 10/30/03. Luckily I was induced before severe complications occurred with her. In the last trimester of my pregnancy, I slept 16 to 18 hours a day. I had severe back pain, the type of pain you'd associate with a kidney infection. I started having headaches. My feet and hands were HUGE...they didn't even look like hands and feet, they looked like stumps. The docs took my BP, which had gone up to 130/85 (when it was usually 118/70) and my pulse was consistently 108 to 114. They said they'd keep an eye on me, but there was no protein in my urine, so no need to worry. I kept on telling them that I didn't feel right, that something was wrong and each time I was reassured that I would be fine and these were all normal pregnancy discomforts. In my 39th week, I had an appointment on Monday and Thursday of the same week. On Monday I went in and there was no protein in my urine, no nothing, and my BP was again 130/85. It was 6 days before my due date, so I figured I'd be fine. That Thursday I went in and the nurse took my BP. She looked very concerned and left the room. She came back with the doctor who told me to go straight to the hospital because I was spilling protein. I didn't find out until later that my BP had skyrocketed to 188/120.

It's been 8 weeks since I delivered my baby, and I've had problems with my BP ever since. Six days after delivery the top number went back up to 188. Three weeks after, it was 160/114. My heart rate didn't return back to normal until that point. After 3 weeks PP, it started to go down, but it's had several peaks. At times, the top number will go as high as 160. The bottom number fluctuates between 77 and 98 without warning. The closest my BP has gotten to normal is 120/77, and I've noticed each time I check it, it seems to stay close to normal a little longer. But why is it taking so long for it to go back to normal? I thought pre-eclampsia resolved itself after delivery, and here I am still having problems. I gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy (My daughter was 9 lbs 15 and 1/2 ounces), and I'm also having trouble losing it. I walk every single night and I've lost 5 lbs in one week, then gained 8 in two weeks, and gone up and down several times. Overall however I've lost 30 lbs since delivery, but it fluctuated a lot. Can anyone relate?

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