Walk-a-thon Invite to IL

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Walk-a-thon Invite to IL

Postby timelessbeauty » Wed Jan 25, 2006 08:45 am

Hello Illinois PF Members,

Indiana, for your members this might be a duplication of information I have already passed along but I am doing this for the benefit of the Illinois and Kentucky members.

Illinois, you have a Group Coordinator named Rose, but I figured I would send you information about opportunities to participate in Preeclampsia Foundation Projects and Fundraisers.

Indianapolis Walk-A-Thon - Tentatively we are scheduled to have our WAT on May 13th (Sat) at the along the White River State Park canal in downtown Indianapolis. We will have a pre-registration sign up of $15.00 to include a t-shirt and then $20.00 registration at the door. I am looking to get a list of all babies, moms, families affected by PE to serve as a memorium/honor listed on signs along the path. I will also have signs with statistics and sponsors to add interest to our walking path. We need help to earn funds for the WAT's actual location rental of $250.00. I have materials I can put in a garage sale to help earn funds. Anyone interested can help me with organizing a fund raising event with a local restaurant where a certain percentage of the nights profits go towards the Foundation. Those funds can be earmarked for research as well as administrative help to getting our WAT fundraising event off the ground. This will be the first WAT for Indianapolis! ALL of you are welcome to come and attend. I will keep you informed as to details and when we have open registration!

Rose, I haven't heard you on the last two Group Coordinator conference calls with Carol Hamilton from the Foundation. We talked about hosting our Annual Conference this year in Indianapolis as a possibility but I also mentioned that Chicago would be great for such an event. I have already sent in information for Indianapolis to be one of the locations considered. We have the Children's Museum, the Racetrack Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo, and other such fun places in town for families to explore while here attending the conference. The conference is normally in late July to early August. If anyone has any other ideas for the Annual Conference, please forward them to me and I will make sure to get them to the appropriate people.

Are there any of you interested in coming to Indiana for the Walk-a-thon or possibly the Annual Conference if we host both here? We are trying to get the word out so you have time to plan.

If you have any questions, comments, or helpful ideas, please email me at this address. I am open to more ideas.

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