High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

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Re : High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby akemt » Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:34 am

YAY! Yes 34 weeks is a GREAT place to be...I think it is considered a milestone because of further lung development at that stage. Not sure though?

Anyway, yes your urine should go back to being protein free after delivery. It may take a while though. Some people suffer kidney damage from severe PE or Hellp syndrome, but it sounds like you are staying away from that arena so far and hopefully you'll return to normal soon after delivery.

Keep us updated! So glad you're so close!

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Re : High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby highriskmom2b » Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:24 am

I would like to say Thank You to everyone. You have made this mom-2-be very happy. I will be 34 wks on Christmas Day (my OB says 34 wks is a milestone). I was feeling really guilty about not being very good on bedrest. It took a load off, to know that I am not causing my protein levels to rise. Dont get me wrong, I will still do my best on bedrest. I have not experienced any other symptoms (floaters, spots, headaches), just the protein. I will ask about the other levels in my blood. Does anyone know if your protein levels go down after delivery? Or are my kidneys messed up for good? I did a 24 hr urine early in pregnancy 10-12 wks for a base line and there was no protein, will I be able to get back to that? Thank You all so much for your help. It's a wonderful thing you lovely ladies do.

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Re : High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby mada » Fri Dec 19, 2003 07:04 am

I was just curiuos as to how many weeks you are now? Sounds like you are getting up there[:)]

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Re : High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby laura » Thu Dec 18, 2003 10:09 pm

Hey there, and welcome! Glad you found us!

I tend to agree with Catherine- I think the current theory is that bedrest isn't necessarily going to do a whole lot of good, but it's something that we know can't hurt so you might as well try it.

I think quite a few docs (like mine did) are prescribing modified bedrest that would include like four hours of uninterrupted time in bed once or twice a day to increase blood flow to the placenta- the upshot of it all is that you are not causing the protein by cheating on bedrest, so don't feel guilty. Nothing you did made this happen.

Unfortunately, this is one of the things that preexisting hypertension can do to a person- your kidneys are working hard and they're showing some strain. Keep this in mind, though, for some perspective. My BIL has chronic kidney disease, and his long term goals are to have 1000 mg protein in a 24 hr urine per day. It's not desirable, but you could live indefinitely with that level. They probably won't talk about delivering you until 5,000 mg protein- the cutoff for severe preeclampsia. I got up to 10,435 mg protein before I delivered my first- but my creatinine levels- the important ones that tell you kidney function- remained ok. Ask your doc how your labs are coming out- creatine, creatinine, uric acid- that'll give you a better idea of the big picture.

I know this stuff is scary- but you can break it down, to some degree, to manageable pieces. Seizures and cerebral events are associated with BP's at or above 160/110. And intercranial swelling, often indicated by the PE headache and visual disturbances.

And as Catherine mentioned, the NST's are supposed to be predictive of fetal well being for three days.

You sound like you're getting really great care- and that's half the battle right there. Hang in there- you're doing all the right things. You've got great, proactive care, you're learning all you can about the signs and symptoms so that you can help yourself and your baby. Keep up the good work!

I'm so glad so many people are able and kind enough to share their experiences with all of us- but it becomes counterproductive if we can't take from these stories what we need to arm ourselves for good health, and then just trust that things will work out as they're meant to. Our PE stories are like fingerprints- they're all different. Hopefully soon, you'll be able to post about how things looked pretty scary but in the end you and your baby got here safe, happy and healthy.

best wishes for a nice long, boring pregnancy, and please let us know how you're doing!

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Re : High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby catherine » Thu Dec 18, 2003 08:31 pm

Sound to me like your OB is watching you closely. That is the best thing that can be done. Take your meds, watch your pressure and keep an eye out for the symptoms (visual disturbances, headache and abdominal pain). I think that Laura, moderator of the Experienced board has posted in the past that the NST tests have a predictive value for the health of your baby for about 4 days ahead, that is why you go twice a week! There isn't really strong evidence that bedrest prevents preeclampsia but it certainly can't hurt you and the more you try and relax, take it easy and de-stress, the faster your baby will grow. Which is what you want to happen more than anything. It is really hard work coping with being pregnant and when things get complicated then it is harder still. If you are struggling to cope, why not post on the bedrest board, lots of ex- and current bedresters will come out of the closet to help you figure out how to get through this! So, when is your baby due and do you know what you are having?

Hang in there

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Re : High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby kim » Thu Dec 18, 2003 07:23 pm

First, you should definitely stay on bedrest. It is hard, but you will have time to do those things later!!! I'm not a doc, but I would assume that the meds are keeping your bp down, but meds do not "ward off" preeclampsia. Have you had any visual floaters or disturbances? Headaches, etc?? Bedrest is the best way to prolong your pregnancy, so be good! [:)]

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High Protein, Controlled BP, should I worry?

Postby highriskmom2b » Thu Dec 18, 2003 07:03 pm

I had high BP, controlled by meds, before I got pregnant. When I was 26 wks; I showed some protein in my 24 hr urine test, a little swelling of my feet, and uncontrolled BP. I was put on strict bedrest and my BP med dose was increased and they added a second medication. Since then, my BP has come down to normal, and the protein in my urine decreased. Two weeks ago I did anohter 24 hr urine and my protein was up to 1000. My OB said she expected an increase, but not to worry unless it jumps up quickly. I am really scared!! My BP is still normal and I am not showing any swelling. Over the past couple of weeks I have not been an angel when it comes to strict bedrest. Did I do this to myself? Am I harming my baby? Should I ask my OB to do something else? I have two NSTs a week, and I see the OB once a week. Previous u/s show the baby is fine. I was reading other posts, and I don't want to have seizures, or lose my baby. I am really scared! Is there anything I can do, or does it sound like the doctors have everything under control? Any advice you can give would really help.

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