Chances of getting a 3rd time

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Re: Chances of getting a 3rd time

Postby nov_mum » Sat May 26, 2012 08:43 am

Hi there

I had PE with the first two pregnancies and it showed earlier in my third. In saying that, I was medicated and got to 37 weeks on the dot before induction. It tends to (not always but often) be slower in onset and less severe in future pregnancies. I think it is wise to plan for your pregnancy to follow your previous ones and just be prepared for interventions and an early delivery. Good luck

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Re: Chances of getting a 3rd time

Postby alviarin » Tue May 22, 2012 04:02 pm

Unfortunately I don't think they have seperated odds out for a third pregnancy like they have for a second pregnancy.

Sometimes women who get pre-eclampsia more than once have an underlying condition of some sort. I had pre-e twice, and now have chronic hypertension. Which carries about a 25% chance of developing superimposed pre-eclampsia by itself, even without a history of pre-e.

I'm glad you are seeing a specialist, they should be able to test for underlying disorders and give you a better breakdown of your individual odds. Good luck!
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Chances of getting a 3rd time

Postby melitagrant » Wed May 16, 2012 10:35 pm


I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the odds might be of getting PE for a third pregnancy. I had quite bad PE and IUGR on both of my pregnancies, my first daughter was born at 35 weeks and was 4 lb 12 oz and my second daughter was born at 34 weeks and was 4 lb 4oz. Both left hospital after only a few weeks and haven't looked back since. We are quite keen to have a third child sometime however all of our family is telling me not to do so because they are worried for my health. I was on low dose asprin, calcium and bedrest with my second to try to control it however I was worse and earlier with this one. We are going to go and see a specialist before we make any more decisions but wondered if anyone has had a similar experience or knows what the odds would be like with this. I'm 30 years old.



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