Australians, where are you?

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Re: Australians, where are you?

Postby becj86 » Fri Jun 16, 639256 5:58 am

Hi Ladies,

Nice to see some Aussies here (not that its nice that any of us have had occasion to seek out this forum). I'm living in north QLD but delivered my little miracle in Toowoomba 4 months ago. Thank goodness I was there staying with family from 36 weeks onwards 'just in case' (not relying on a small rural hospital that doesn't deal with anything complicated) and for the wonderful docs who were quick to test for and diagnose HELLP when I went into emergency department at 40+1 with eyes swollen shut, difficulty breathing, URQ pain and vomiting. I'm glad I went private too... still paying for the extra care I didn't think I'd need but so glad my son and I got the care we needed.
Lucky mother to healthy 1st born son Logan (HELLP at 40+1)

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Re: Australians, where are you?

Postby tracym » Wed Jul 16, 639253 12:36 am

Hi Jess, I'm also from SA...NE suburbs of Adelaide. How are you feeling and how is your bp now? What is your follow up plan from here? Don't be afraid to go back to the hospital if you're at all worried about your symptoms.

If you have any questions, I'm sure there is someone here who can answer almost anything...there's a great bunch of ladies here with a wide range of experiences and knowledge...welcome :)

Jack - 37 weeks Feb '01 (mild PE dx 33 weeks)
Kate - 33 weeks Feb '05 (severe PE dx 31 weeks)

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Re: Australians, where are you?

Postby jessted » Tue Jul 15, 639253 8:59 am

Hi all (: I'm Jess, from South Australia. Pregnant with my first. I just got out of hospital last night after spending a couple of days having blood tests and BP monitored for signs of pre-e. 35+5 today, so I'm pretty sure I'll be lucky enough to bring my girl home, regardless of if things get worse or not (:

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Re: Australians, where are you?

Postby megs304 » Sun Aug 18, 638948 12:19 pm

Good morning ladies,

I'm in Central Queensland, and my 2nd daughter, Grace has just had her 5th birthday. She was born at 35 weeks after 6 weeks of bedrest and hospitalisation to try to keep my PIH under control. It was finally discovered that I had HELLP and the decision to take her was made and a surgeon was flown up to Toowoomba from Brisbane for the task, I spent another 5 days in ICU bringing everything under control and another 2 back to normal. I can't remember much of that except the appalling nurse-in-training who had bedside duty for the first couple of days - trust me she was no substitute for not being able to hold my little baby! My first preganancy - with the same father, was to all appearances, normal.

I would love to hear who has had bubs, hoping you are all well and happy and trouble free and who is enjoying the life they have been given.

I've chosen not to try for further babies. My reasons are, in no particular order:

* I was 38 when Grace was born (obviously 5 years older now)
* I don't live near any reasonable medical care - if I was still in Sydney near the Royal Womens Hosp I may have chosen differently
* I want to see the girls I have grow up more than I want a 3rd child (it took 18 months to fully accept this fact)
* I am still not well, though there is nothing we can pick as definitively being wrong
* I continued to suffer from HBP for 4 years after Grace's birth.
* I am still over-weight, regardless of trying various methods to lose it.

Each circumstance is different, and you need to choose for yourself. The girls are without a doubt worth everything I went through, but would I risk their mother for another? No. If I didn't have them, possibly - but I would make sure I had easy access to GOOD medical care, specialising in high risk pregnancies. It is all about weighing up the risks and benefits for yourself. What is acceptable to you may not be acceptable to someone else. Doesn't mean they are right or wrong - just no you!

...and yes, after 5 years I still grieve for what might have been - but only when life gives me that 15 minutes to ponder, the rest of the time I'm too busy laughing at my wonderful girls and fantastic hubby to remember!

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby mel13 » Fri Jan 15, 638917 11:21 am

Hi Ladies

I am looking for some advice. I have chronic hypertension and am on medication. I am not overweight and exercise 6 times a week. I am 29 years old and my husband and I are thinking of starting a family later in the year. I know my medical condition increases my chances of PE. This makes me reluctant to get pregnant and I have been putting my husband off. I know it is because I am scared. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice, suggestions anecdotes that could help me.

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby shellbell » Fri Jun 28, 638622 1:42 pm

Hi Tonilee, Thanks for the reply. I know i'm very lucky to have one daughter I Was told that I couldn't have kids to start with, then to go through that i just don't know.I'm not even thinking of having another one now my circumstances have changed from my last post so tanks again and great to talk to you.

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby bundygirl » Mon Jun 09, 638600 5:50 pm

shellbell, i know what u r going though wheather to have another bub or not.... i was givin a 75% chance it would happen again, as my daughter was born at 27 weeks but we thought we would try again.. and the dr's kept a close eye on me, and i was placed on a low dose of asprin which, may have helpped prevent pe from being so servere... but there is hope for u to have another one... i know its scary but its al worth it in the end...

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby bundygirl » Mon Jun 09, 638600 5:42 pm

sara kids r doing great if ur on face book look for me toni lee williams, i have pics of my kiddys on there, when i went to the hospital wif amee i was in the late stages of the rare pe that runs its course in a day also i have my story on this site for people to look at

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby sarab » Mon Feb 24, 638600 4:20 pm

Hi Tonilee, and welcome to the forums! Have a look around, ask questions, and post your story if you feel like it. How are you and your kiddos doing now?

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby bundygirl » Fri Feb 14, 638600 3:20 am

Hi my name is Tonilee
I have 2 kids born prem due to pre eclampsia
amee born at 27 weeks 1-8-06 weight 823grams
nathan born at 37 weeks 5-6-08 weight 2910grams

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