2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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heather j
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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby heather j » Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:51 pm

Hi, Holly! I had PE/HELLP with my first, but no other problems (ie uterus issues). With my second, I didn't have PE but I did have that lovely "irritable uterus" which bought me a close relationship with terb. Fun times. So, in my anecdotal experience, there was no connection.

As for the lovenox, I totally agree with everyone else that they get easier. Easier in the sense that it becomes something you just do (like brushing your teeth, if you will). You get past the mortification of sticking a needle in your pregnant belly, and it becomes a mundane task. I didn't let DH near me with a needle; I did them all (but I'm a control freak like that).

Welcome to the boards!

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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby jenndola » Fri Apr 18, 2008 09:55 pm

I've done injections for 5 pregnancies now, and believe me, it gets MUCH easier. It's always annoying, but any "yikes" factor wears off quickly. You aren't doing the progesterone injections yourself, are you? If you are, you're a far better woman than I am! I have no issues with the subcutaneous Lovenox injections, but I have to have someone else do the progesterone. I don't have the guts to give myself an IM shot!

jana m
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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby jana m » Fri Apr 18, 2008 08:37 pm

Hi there,
After my first pregnancy, I also found out I had MTHFR. For my second pregnancy I took folgard, heparin and also monitored at home. Giving yourself injections definitely gets easier. I actually started to prefer doing them myself, rather than having my DH give them to me. It's definitely tough at the beginning, but you really do get used to it.

Good luck!

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julie f
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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby julie f » Fri Apr 18, 2008 08:23 pm


Hi and welcome to you, congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy!

I wanted to pass on a link to a previous post about PCOS and preeclampsia: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewt ... erms=,pcos There are some good links in there as well.

As far as your treatment plan goes, you'll find that it varies so much around here. I'm sure others with MTHFR/clotting issues will be on soon to tell you their experience. There is a thread about making the injections a little more bearable: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5257

The most important thing - be educated and trust yourself. It sounds like you're all over it!

Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help.

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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby hols537 » Fri Apr 18, 2008 04:14 pm

Thanks so much! I look forward to getting more detail from some of the others.

Yes, I'm seeing a Peri. I had an initial consult with them and now will be seeing them for all my ultrasounds (at least every 4 weeks). They consult with my regular OB and were the ones to recommend the treatment plan. Their 2 practices work very closely together and they were also involved with my previous pregnancy.

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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby sonja » Fri Apr 18, 2008 03:59 pm


Lots of gals on here have PCOS and have had pre-e. There is some formal reasoning behind why these two seem to go together, but I don't know it off of the top of my head. Hopefully someone can pop on here that can give you some of the science behind it.

As for your treatment plan, it sounds similar to many of the gals who have had similar issues. I always prefer the lots of medical attention proactive route, but that is just me.

Also, as far as the injections go, again, lots of gals have done them, hopefully they will pop on and give you their experiences.

Are you seeing a Peri or MFM (high risk OB)? Just curious.

Take care and congratulations on your pregnancy.

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Re : 2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby bellemama » Fri Apr 18, 2008 02:05 pm

Congrats on your second pg! Glad your first son is doing well.

I had a irritable uterus with both of my pgs, although I never had to have drugs. Put me in L&D a couple of times though. My OB this time says it just happens to some women. As far as I know, there isn't a link between the two, but I'm sure one of the experts here knows more than me.

I can't really speak to your treatment plan, but it does sound as if they are watching you carefully. It's all about your comfort level. I imagine, like most of us, you are much more aware of your body and also more willing to speak up and advocate for yourself. Never hesitate to call or go in if something feels off!

Can't give you any BTDT on the injections, but hope they get easier for you...

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2nd Pregnancy...Lots of Questions

Postby hols537 » Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:54 am

Hello. [:)] I'm new to posting, but have been reading a lot over the last year.

My first child was born at 32 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia, IUGR and oligohydramnios. He's done wonderfully and is a very healthy 14 month old.

After the fact, they also a placental infarct and velamentous cord insertion. They also found that I have MTHFR mutation (admitedly I don't know much about that). I had also begun having an "irritable uterus" around 18 weeks (which resulted in several L&D trips and a terbutaline prescription). Before becoming pregnant, I was diagnosed with PCOS and used Clomid and Metformin to help me conceive. However, I was not overweight and lost all (plus some) of my pregnancy weight.

So, I'm now currently 17 weeks pregnant (no PCOS or drugs to assist). After consultation with the perinatologist, they recommended that I start Folgard, Lovenox and monitor (starting at 20 weeks) my BP and urine at home. Because I've already started feeling contractions, they are also recommending weekly progesterone injections in hopes of preventing pre-term labor.

Of course I've talked to my doctor(s), but have lots of questions for people who've been through a similar situation.

[?] - Anyone else have the "irritable uterus" and preeclampsia? I'm wondering if there's some connection.
[?] - Has anyone else also had PCOS and preeclampsia? I wonder if there's a relationship and if that might be a good sign for me in this pregnancy?
[?] - Compared to your experience, does my treatment plan sound ultra-conservative/appropriately conservative? Obviously, I want to do everything I can to prevent PreE, but worry about all the medications and potential risks.
[?] - Does giving yourself injections get easier?

Thank you all so much for "listening" and any input you might have.


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