Potty Training?

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Re : Potty Training?

Postby halo79rn » Fri Mar 16, 638306 7:35 am

I purchased a potty and books when my dd was 18 m/o... I started leaving the bathroom door open and she'd come in when I went to the br, sit down on her potty (fully clothed) and we'd read a potty book. I thought she was set for full force around age 2... she had started holding it in longer and through naps, she showed interest... then she heard the sound of a real pee (not just a tinkle but what a 2hr hold of pee) sounded like hitting the bottom of the bjorn potty. Forget about it. scared her to death! So I backed off... we would let the rubber ducky go tinkle in the potty (I'd squirt water from the ducky into the potty) ... she just wanted to play with the duck. Then we moved ... a month after our move, I noticed her going in the same spot every time she went... So I started guiding her to the bathroom.. she fought it. fussed and moaned. So I started leaving her pull-up less .. purchased cloth trainers (which we were better off with none)... still, she'd go wet on the floor in that spot. So I moved the potty there. She started going every time. I've been trying to inch it to the bathroom. When it's in there, she runs to get it, moves it to her spot, and then goes... so the girl can hold it in! I try to take her when I go... she does nothing. I try to watch for timing... no rhyme or reason to it. No every day at 9am. I try putting her in trainers, she just sits and pees right through and if I take her to the potty and pull her trainers down and have her sit.. she fusses and kicks the trainers off. hates to have them around her ankles. ugh. But at least she's going all day.. Ijust have to leave her without pants at home and in pull up s when we go out. My mom seems to think preschool will help with this... that she won't want to wet in front of her friends. ??? we'll see???

any suggestions for this issue, I'm all ears (well, eyes).

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Re : Potty Training?

Postby lucy » Tue Mar 06, 638306 7:48 am

Sarina picked it up at about 17 months although were still not 100% at night.

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Re : Potty Training?

Postby annamaria » Tue Mar 06, 638306 5:01 am

every kid is different . ,my older one agirl was poty trainded in like fw days before she was 2..my boys took them longer.. butalso at aoound 2 .5 they were potty trained..
is still put on adiaper for my 3 year old only at night
what i found really helpfull is to lethem feel wet,, and allthe diapers that they say pull ups make them feel wet didntw ork..
so what idid is just took the diaper off and letthem feel wet when they pee... than isaterted letthem just sit on the potty as fun.. with no pressure.. ialso made asticker paper tha i hunginthe washrooma nd everytime they had apee or apoo i would out asticker! we also wenttogether to buy undewears to amke it speciall..
and justgive ittime.. i remembr my son was doing so good with potty traininga ndthan outofthe sudden when we were moving to a new place i guessit was the change ,, he went bakc to pee notinthe potty.. but my freind told me not toput him bakc to diapers and give itime ,, lol itwas hard becouse we had carpet so i had top run and wash everytime the spot.. buts oon enough hewas back tothe potty...

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Re : Potty Training?

Postby jenanderson » Wed Nov 22, 638305 1:08 pm

we started at about 18 months with buying the potty and videos. DD would poop in the big potty all the time since about 2 years old, but could have cared less if she sat in a wet pullup all day! All of the sudden about 2 weeks ago she wanted to wear big girl panties and has been almost perfect ever since. Shes going to be 3 in November also. It was like all of the sudden a light went on and she was ready for it. We are still wearing pullups at night for now, but all week she has woken up dry in the morning too. I am so amazed, she pretty much trained herself! I guess what they say is true, when they are ready, they'll just do it! Good luck!

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Re : Potty Training?

Postby mommy1st » Wed Nov 22, 638305 12:08 pm

I bought a little potty for my son when he was less than two, I think around 20 months or so because I wanted him to get used to the idea. They say to get one and let them play with it for awhile so that's what I did. I also bought the elmo potty video for him. Around his 2nd birthday he started waking up from his naps with no pee in his diapers so when he was 2 and 2.5 months I potty trained him boot camp style over a 4 day period and by the end of the 4th day he was potty trained! It was hard but well worth it in my mind to do it that way, it worked for me at least.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Oh I hear girls are easier to train than boys, don't know if that's true since I only have a boy and a girl on the way.

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Re : Potty Training?

Postby kara » Wed Nov 22, 638305 10:22 am

Our DD has been showing signs since about age 2. She will be 3 this November and we are getting closer. I was really hoping she'd just get the hang of i t one day and train herself...wishful thinking. Signs are wanting to watch you on the potty, wanting to sit on the potty, wanting to flush, etc. Another sign is if she is dry when waking up from naps. I'd suggest getting a simple little potty for her to practice with, and she'll let you know when she is ready. Some girls train around two, and most of the rest are between 2 and 3, or so it seems. Good luck!

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Potty Training?

Postby kelly1972 » Wed Nov 22, 638305 8:56 am

I know you ladies here are a wealth of info. I was just curious on when you all started considering potty training? Nicole is 2 in a few weeks. What are the signs that she might be ready to start on the potty. Not that I'm in a hurry or anything. LOL. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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