daytime naps/routine

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emersons mom
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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby emersons mom » Fri Feb 21, 637992 1:57 pm

we had less problem sleeping during the day, it was nights that were harder since he was feeding every 2 hours day or night until just this month!!!! But sometimes during when he would fight sleep......and when my tolerance for him screaming more than an hour wore out I would give him a it 9am or 4pm or 2 am at least he got distracted enough and i found that it eventually calmed him after he was 8 months old...before that he hated baths....but even now...when he fights sleep and seems unconsolable, if i give him a bath he will usually fall asleep before i have him dressed!

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heather j
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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby heather j » Fri Feb 21, 637992 11:20 am

Everyone's given you great sleep tips!

Try to also make his awake times stimulating for him so that he can begin to sense a distinction between awake time and sleep time. It shouldn't take a lot to stimulate him at this age either. Some things we do are tummy time with toys scattered about, hanging out in the bouncy seat in front of the window, walks outside, reading a story with vivid, but simple pictures (I swear Ella was mesmerized as early as 12 weeks - she's fond of Olivia), stroller rides, etc. My kids are like Rachel's, they thrive on having schedules and when I mess it up for them (with errands that went on too long, or traffic jams), they let me know. It was work in the beginning to get it established, but well worth it once it clicked. Even with bumps in the road, they always fall back to routine pretty easily.

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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby michelle_chandler » Fri Feb 21, 637992 11:13 am

You have my sympathy ....Shane would only take a nap during the daytime if he was in his papasan cradle swing..he's outgrown it ((sigh)))so daytime naps are a struggle now.

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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby aundapenner » Fri Feb 21, 637992 9:07 am

Routine? Schedule? Hah! It's only NOW (and I mean the last month) that we've FINALLY found our way! I've read the No Cry Sleep Solution (love it BTW!!!) and I just don't have all the energy required to implement its strategies.

Henry didn't like being swaddled, or the swing. But he loved his mommy milk. And once I changed my viewpoint, we were much better off. I think a lot of it is figuring out what they're trying to tell you.

Good luck and keep us updated!!!

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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby kara » Fri Feb 21, 637992 6:45 am

A swing helped us, as did white noise...a fan, a humidifier, a sound machine (on rainfall setting) were all very pacifying for DD. She didn't have much problem sleeping during the day at Xander's age...she just didn't sleep very well at night.

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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby season » Fri Feb 21, 637992 3:25 am

With infants you want to give them cues that it is time to sleep. If swaddling does that, then yes, swaddle him for naps too. Also, dim the lights and make ti quieter overall, just to help him undetstand that it's not awake time. SOme kids do better when held, or in a sling for naps, others do better left in the bassinet or crib. Figure out what works for him and you.

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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby fiona » Fri Feb 21, 637992 3:20 am


Sacha - who, I might say is a trouble-free sleeper now - really fought daytime sleep when he was little. One of those motorized, music-playing swings was my saviour. I was worried he'd get so used to it, he'd never sleep stationary, but it was a phase and now he goes for his nap when it suits me, and will just get himself off to sleep.

rachel a
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Re : daytime naps/routine

Postby rachel a » Fri Feb 21, 637992 1:25 am


Create a routine around your schedule and then repeat... and swaddle him. I swaddled Addi for as long as I could. I don't think that swaddling him will confuse him... however, since swaddling is so relaxing, you may find that he sleeps too long.

With both of my children we do "school" time (which won't be appropriate for Xander yet), clean, eat lunch, brush teeth, and then read a nighty book. Then we all lay down for a nap. Addi still fights the routine some, but she knows what is happening next and when I stray, she gets angry.

Good luck! Routines are awesome if you get them established, but every child responds differently!

jana m
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daytime naps/routine

Postby jana m » Thu Feb 20, 637992 10:35 pm

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for helping babies nap during the day. Xander really fights sleep and I have been trying to get him to take a couple of naps during the day because he just gets so exhausted. He is great at night...he has his bath, gets a bottle and goes right to bed, but trying to get into a daytime routine has proven a lot more challenging for me. He responded so well to the bed time routine, I though he could benefit from some structure during the day as well.

If anyone has any suggestions for nap time or daytime routine, I would love to hear them.

Also, he gets swaddled to sleep at night. If I swaddle him during the day will he get confused and think it's nighttime?


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