Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby sheri-ct » Sun Sep 13, 638612 8:15 pm

I remember those days.......they were so hard! I had one with colic and the other with SEVERE reflux. Have you talked with your pedi about prevacid? It really helped. Also, are you nursing or is he taking formula? My colic baby did a lot better on a dairy free formula for a few months.

Glad you found a counselor you liked. I hope you and Sam Jam are feeling better soon! These days will be a faint memory soon!


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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby debbie78 » Mon Apr 30, 638610 6:00 am

Su, I, too, am glad that you found a counselor and like her so far. <3 You took a big step, and I'm super proud of you. <3

As for the reflux, I don't know anything about it, but like everyone else said, keep on your pedi about it. I hope it passes soon for both mom and Samar. (((Hugs)))

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby blythe » Sun Apr 29, 638610 6:56 pm

Su, I missed this, sorry! I'm so glad you found a counselor and like her already!!! Can you say why you're hesitant to start the Zoloft? Definitely bring up any concerns with your doc and your therapist, hopefully they can address any concerns you have.

Any luck with the ped and the possible reflux diagnosis? What I finally did was made an appointment with another doc in the practice and he didn't even blink twice before writing me a prescription - and my babies we're even as miserable as yours!

Hang in there!

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby hols537 » Sat Apr 28, 638610 7:30 pm

I second, third...whatever...the advice to keep on with the doctor. Alexander screamed and arched through feedings for a couple of months before we figured out the magic combination. For him it was mylicon, dairy free and reflux meds.

I'm glad you've found someone to talk to and don't worry about taking the medication if it could help. Getting yourself feeling better needs to be a priority for you!

And, just remember it WILL get better. I've never heard of a colicky kindergartener...(this is what I tell myself whenever we have a hard phase to go through).

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby mnmom » Sat Apr 28, 638610 2:00 pm

Su, the other thing to remember is that even though 37 weeks is considered full term- if he was a 40 weeker he would just be arriving about now. His gut might just be catching up. But I also agree that both you and he need a break here and I hope your ped has some ideas.

I think I shared before that my firstborn was very, very colicky. Back in the 80's(OMG) they really didn't do much, if anything for it. Seriously, even the grandparents were reluctant to take her for any amount of time, she cried and screamed so much. And they had 12 kids between them,so lots of experience!

My point being, is that she DID grow out of it eventually, and I really do love her now at 22!!!! The rough start didn't affect our bond in the long term. AND the fact I had three more after her has to say something. Although I'm not sure what......

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby kara » Fri Apr 27, 638610 9:26 pm

Meds might help. Be persistent. I had to haul my hubby into the pedi's office to get an rx for zantac. I felt so degraded that I had to haul a man into the pedi's office to have my daughters pain recognized, but did it for her. And it worked. I was no longer the new mommy who couldn't handle a little spit-up and crying.

I also made an appointment with pedi gastro because I knew that she was miserable and I was afraid the doc was going to continue to ignore me. Ultimately it was GERD/reflux and a dairy/soy protein intolerance. It was an awful, awful time. And it doesn't help when you aren't feeling yourself. I too was in a "funk". Add that to no sleep....
Hugs....and take Q with you...or have him call the pedi if you think it would help.

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby jenanderson » Fri Apr 27, 638610 7:28 pm

You said you switched formulas, did you go to one that is for colic babies? I think it was nutramigen we finally had to feed Mason for the 1st couple months. I BF'd, but had a few surgeries, and was so wore out that he had to have a few bottles. When ever we'd give him straight up enfamil or whatever he would scream and spit up for what seemed like hours on end. It took under a week of no formula, then slowly giving him the other and we were 100% better. hope you catch a break soon!

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby heather j » Wed Apr 18, 638610 5:42 pm

With the back-arching and screaming, it sure sounds like reflux. Be persistent with the ped. Since you're formula feeding (and you know specifically how much he's getting at a feeding), keep an informal log about how often/how much he's taking at a feeding and how much is coming back up. Make sure you tell her how he's acting, too. Keep in mind, that it may take a few days for the medication (should they prescribe them) to work, and it likely won't stop the spitting up, but it WILL stop the burning and pain.

Thinking of you as always, Su.

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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby aundapenner » Wed Apr 18, 638610 4:08 pm

Su, more than like little man has reflux. Does he cry when he spits or is he just like oh, that's better. Sofia would scream and we were all miserable - including Henry who really got the short end of the stick (a tired and exhausted mama and dad).

But here, they don't do anything for reflux other than wish you well. :)

I would definately contact his ped and explain what you are seeing, especially if he is unhappy (and trust your instincts heree ... you KNOW when your baby is hurting. You do NOT need a test to prove that he's uncomfortable.)

On another note - I highly recommend starting the Zoloft. It will take time to kick in (I think something like 2-3 weeks for maximum benefits). Once you get fully on it, commit to it for at least 2-3 months. And then, once you feel better, more you, talk to your counselor about weaning off it. You'll know pretty quickly if you're ready. It took me nearly 2 years to wean off it, but I did.


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Re : Found a counselor.... and Sam Jam update...

Postby suleaf » Wed Apr 18, 638610 3:29 pm

Its spit up but A LOT. Not projectile but a lot and heavy.

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