Hello, is anyone out there???

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Re : Hello, is anyone out there???

Postby kara » Fri Jan 06, 2006 07:17 pm

I'm so excited to meet everyone in Feb. since I have almost no friends in Madison!

Avery had a doc appt today (8week). She gained a whoping 1#9oz in 3 weeks!! WOOHOO!!! She's at 5lbs, 10oz...not so bad for a baby who came home a month ago at 3.9!! She had a big growth spurt about a week a go.

I've been checking on Avery more than normal these days too. She's taken to spitting up and choking. We got a prescription for zantac today...hopefully that will help her...and help me get some sleep at night!


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Re : Hello, is anyone out there???

Postby mom2tori » Fri Jan 06, 2006 09:46 am

I had to smile when I read that you check on Wyatt a million times at night....I was like that!!! A lot of times I wouldn't put Victoria down because I was afraid when I put her down she would stop breathing and I wouldn't know it until I checked on her (like 2min after I put her down) I am getting MUCH better at not checking on her every hour on the hour (she will be 4 on sunday) I still check on her and am still neurotic when it comes to her going somewhere without me, I get so much crap for it but I just tune everyone out.

I have really been enjoying this mild stretch of weather we were having and was kind of hoping that the rest of winter would be that way but my dh said it is going to be a bit colder now....not looking forward to that.

I am so excited about our Feb meeting and can't wait to see everyone!

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Hello, is anyone out there???

Postby teenster3 » Thu Jan 05, 2006 11:59 pm

I'm bored tonight, I should be in bed but can't sleep.
How is everyone in Wisconsin doing this week?
Geez, you'd think I had caffeine or something.
I'm going comepletely stir-crazy, I toss & turn at night, wake up sweating from bad dreams, check on Wyatt a million times to make sure he's still breathing, etc. What's wrong with me lately?!
Sorry.....it's just been one of those days.
Hope everyone else is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!

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