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Re : HELP!

Postby kara » Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:52 pm

Since they are having you try different formula's, do they think it could be reflux? Reflux is like colic times 10. They can have acid reflux (GERD) without being spitters. And because you say he is happy with a bottle - makes me wonder. The sucking reflex keeps acid down momentarily. Have you tried any reflux medications? Our DD had a reflux problem as well as a dairy/soy protein intolerance. Hypoallergenic formula didn't do the trick and we had to do prescription formula and two reflux meds. Now, it may not be that at all, just one idea.

Even if it's not that, I feel your pain, as I walked in your shoes. And when you have PPD on top of it all, it's a horrible situation for everyone involved. I still get anxious thinking about it. I urge you to advocate for him with the pedi. And if that means getting a second opinion or a third opinion, do so. Baby shouldn't have to be uncomfortable/upset ALL the time, and you shouldn't have to be at your wits end. I'm not a doctor, but I don't ever think it's normal for a baby to cry ALL the time. That was my justification for advocating for my DD.

My pediatrician took me more seriously when I brought my husband to the office appointment with me to confirm that I was in fact NOT a drama mama, and that the baby was experiencing something beyond normal baby colic. He finally listened to me and never questioned me again, actually. I had already scheduled a gastroenterology appointment for DD, but he was supportive of it. Gastro did an upper GI, which consists of baby drinking a bottle of special dye while sitting under a special xray type machine to confirm the reflux and rule out other conditions.

Does he seem to have gas? Pain anywhere? Is he eating well and keeping his weight up? Any problems with loud noises, or soft touches? Any strange habits (rocking, rubbing, etc)?

Hang in'll get it figured out and get some peace for both of you.

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Postby mommy2maddie » Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:25 pm

My son is almost four months old and for the past four months all he has done is cry. He cries ALL OF THE TIME, and I assure you this is not an exageration. He spends almost every waking hour crying, although he does sleep through the night which is a relief. I am currently suffering from Post Partum Depression and anxiety, which I am on meds for and I need suggestions on what his crying might mean. I have tried EVERY formula out there, currently we are trying hypoallergenic and no change. His doctor says he is just "more demanding" which is total crap, a baby doesnt cry this much for no reason. This is beyond colic, I have no idea what is wrong and what to do. He is not hungry, his diaper is not wet. He cannot be consoled by rocking, swaddling, standing up, talking to him, or a pacifier, the only thing is he seems to like being naked! Really the only time he is quiet is if you are changing his diaper or he has a bottle in his mouth. Any experiences or suggestions?

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