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Re : Go Figure

Postby mom2tori » Fri May 06, 2005 06:37 am

Just a little longer Sue! You are entitled to feel the way you do right now, you have made it so far!!!! Just look forward to holding that boy in your arms and everything else will get taken care of later! Good luck

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Re : Go Figure

Postby angelkat » Fri May 06, 2005 05:54 am

Hang in there/// Monday is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Go Figure

Postby timelessbeauty » Fri May 06, 2005 05:30 am

I go in today to deliver a 24 hr urine which I am not sure why I am doing it if I could possibly go into labor this weekend and they are inducing on Monday anyway, but oh well. I registered a 2+ in the office last Wednesday but I can still give them quite a bit of volume today so who knows if that was fluke like usual or actual because my body is as tired as my mind at this point of being pregnant.

I worry over each and every thing now. I feel like a little kid, not wanting to go to this appointment and dragging my heels. The office usually takes 3-4 sticks to get my blood as opposed to the hospital I normally drop off to for testing, but the hospital "loses" my test results for 3-4 days versus the office having a currier service for next day results. Oh .. and I got the wonderful results of having Group B strep now. Don't know how I got it, she explained at the office that it could be from my many birthing episodes, either way I guess I don't care now, just another feather in my cap of something to deal with yet again. She said they will just give me antibiotics upon getting to the hospital.

I ran out of pantyliners today so I have to be on my best behavior not to sneeze, cough or laugh the entire day. I'm still officially on bedrest, WITH AN 18 MONTH OLD! lol .. Luckily we both were able to get a 3 hour nap in yesterday. Saturday and Sunday I am going to my parents to "visit" while my husband works overtime. The kids will have fun playing and I can occupy a couch.

I feel like crying but I know I have to keep my head about me. "He" hasn't moved yet this morning but then again, it's early for both of us. I don't look forward to the IV for delivery, isn't that silly? I know I get one whether I like it or not, but I just cannot help the anxiety that happens before I get it. I sit there trying to be an adult about it at the same time I'm fighting my body's urge to kick away from the gurney and run for it!

My little one didn't go to sleep until after 12:30am last night, my oldest has "field day" at school and husband is working overtime. I'll probably do lunch at my parents seeing my father is shuttling me to today's appointment. Today's mixture is both of "it's almost over" and "I've run out of time?".

Bathrooms need to be cleaned, kitchen floor needs mopping, and our new kitchen table is still in the living room and still in the box. It currently represents our "cardboard TV table". Do I buy groceries to have at the ready for when I come home or do I just skip it and send out a "gopher" when I get back home? Kids will be at Grandma and Grandpa's house so I don't have to worry about them. Hubby will be staying with me at the hospital and eating on the run to and from work.

I better go and get ready for my "foot dragging" appointment. I really just do not want to go unless I get poked by a nurse and it's for my IV and labor induction. Pretty silly, eh? <sigh>

Love and Luck to the mommies out there!


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