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Postby kristen » Tue Feb 17, 2004 10:29 am

I just want every one to know what I found out from my perinatologist. This seems to be very important. There is a vitamin we all need and do not get enough of. It is DHA. It is essential and very important for pregnant and lactating women. I know that if I get pregnant again, I will take it religiously in hopes of preventing or at least decreasing my chances of pre-e again. If you go to any search engine (I used ask.com) and put in DHA you will get all kinds of info. It even talks about pre-e. Please do any research you can on this and think about taking it while you are pregnant. There was one site where you could put in your daily meals and snacks and it would give you the total of how much DHA you are getting. To my shock, I was only getting 38 mg. They recommend 100 per day. And not to mention that that was on a good day. Most days, I couldn't keep it down. Please check it out.

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