Crawling on the back of her head.....

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Re : Crawling on the back of her head.....

Postby deerhart » Wed Jul 07, 2004 01:09 pm

LOL lets see, my cousin (and her mother) used to cross one leg under themselves and scoot on it
My oldest did the army crawl and didn't use his knees until after he learned to walk really
My youngest used to crawl perfectly normal except for one thing, he kept his head straight down and go in super fast mode. Just had to sigh every time he ran his head into the furniture, a toy, or the wall and bounced off LOL.

Before you know it she won't even be walking anymore but running!

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Crawling on the back of her head.....

Postby caitlynsmama » Wed Jul 07, 2004 12:13 am

Does anyone else have a funny story about their preemie's preferred way of crawling? My dd is scooting around on the back of her head like my Mom said I did when I was a baby. I got up and walked a week before my 1st birthday. WHO knew this would be genetic?

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