God Gave Me An Angel

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God Gave Me An Angel

Postby tinalowe » Fri Jul 23, 2004 12:37 am

God Gave Me An Angel

God gave me an angel
And in the process broke my heart
Her body born here, her soul in Heaven
And it tore my world apart.

Why me? I couldn't help but ask
Why did He let me love her, only to take her away?
She was the best thing I had ever done
Why did He take her only to let me stay?

I felt so numb, so empty
Where once life grew inside of me, now there was none
Sometimes I would wake up rubbing my tummy
Forgetting that that was no longer her home.

I would sit beside her grave for hours
Telling her all about my day
Wishing she was here with her daddy and me
Instead of so very far away.

As the days turned to weeks, then months
My heart slowly began to mend
God was knocking on the door to my heart
And I decided to let Him back in.

"My precious, precious child," he said
"Emma hasn't gone away
She holds a special place in your heart
And that is where she will stay."

My heart was filled with so much joy
For I realized He was right
She's with me in the morning and all through the day
And she is there with me when I lay down each night.

God gave me an angel
And I know she's one of the best
Because when my faith in God was challenged
It was she who helped me pass the test.

--Tina Lowe 2004

Tina 23
DH Dereck 26

Emma Victoria stillborn 12-28-03

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