My turn... From a parent to a doctor

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My turn... From a parent to a doctor

Postby angelkat » Mon Jul 12, 2004 09:01 pm

This will be DH and my 2nd year speaking to new residents on what life is like in the NICU, Being a parent in the NICU, and losing a child. I always get so emotional when it comes to this speach because I want them to know from the heart to please treat the parents with respect and understand their concerns as they are scared to death, they don't know what is going on, and they hang on to each and every word that is said in hopes of their sweet little baby being able to come home one day.

Ben and I always feel so honored to be asked to speak to the residents as even if we can help one doctor go out of his way to help a family then we have done our job!.

Better get started on my thought process now, I only have one week to get ready... Wonder what they are serving for lunch this year[;)]

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