My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby michal » Wed Feb 25, 2004 01:08 pm

I am so sorry for the loss of your son Isiah and for all the pain that you had to endure . You chose a beautiful name . I am sure that your son , together with all the rest of our little angels are safe with God in heaven . One just has to have faith that things happen for a reason even though we may not know why in this world .

I am also from South Africa although I have been living in Israel for the past seven years . So first of all hello to a fellow South African ! My daughter Dina died 3 months ago . I also used to pray every day that I would reach 28 weeks and then she would have a fighting chance but I never managed to get that far . She was born at 25 and a half weeks , and died after 5 days . I only managed to see her three times because I was so severley ill with complications of HELLP syndrome . But I have special memories of my little girl .
We held her hand and played her classical music . Now one of my most special memories of her is a photo of my husband's finger in her hand . In the background are all those awful tubes and monitors , but what is most striking in the photos is the her little hand touching my husband's big one . It reminds me that she was actually real and will forever be mine.

Take Care and be strong to get over all of this .

Mom to Tali ( PE and HELLP , 32 weeks , ,5/3/1998 ) , my first angel in heaven ( PE and HELLP 20 weeks 20/2/2002) , my seccond angel in heaven Dina Chaya Hodaya ( PE and HELLP , 25 weeks , 29/10/2003 -4/11/2003 )

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby sam » Wed Feb 25, 2004 12:59 am

i am so sorry for the loss of your precious son Isiah. there are no words that i can say to make this any easier, but i just want to let you know that i am thinking of you both at this sad time in yours and your families life.

severe PE/class 1 HELLP @ 27wks
13th oct 2003
mummy to angel jake

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby julie f » Wed Feb 25, 2004 12:02 am

I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Isaiah. What a tribute to your son to be able to say that you will get through this with him as your example of courage. I truly believe that he is with God and my son, and all of the other little miracles that many of us here were blessed with for a short time.

Please take care of yourself and lean on your husband and your faith - And us whenever you need to.

My prayers are with you,

Julie (27)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby twolfgram » Wed Feb 25, 2004 11:48 am

I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. I can't imagine how hard it is to have him for so short a time. God will take care of your son!

Therese Mom to
Jonathan - born 10/4/95 at 28 weeks due to HELLP
Angel in Heaven - Erik 12/20/02 at 29 weeks due to placental abruption
And "Baby dot" - EDD 9/11/04!

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby frasiah » Wed Feb 25, 2004 09:07 am

Take all the time that you need. No words can so easily replace the grief in your heart. But I pray that God who sees all and understands more than us will give you a peace beyond understanding.

DD sev PE

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby josiah1112 » Wed Feb 25, 2004 07:10 am

I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Isaiah.
I too lost my son to pre e and had similar thoughts
and feelings. I remember hoping that I could trade
places with my son. I would also beg God to please save
him. I felt so responsible for that little life struggling
in the NICU. My son was also a fighter. He fought hard every
day, until his efforts were like hitting against a brick
wall. I too will never forget one night that my husband and I
were with him at the NICU and he kept giving us these pleading
looks through which he seemed to tell us, "mommy, daddy, I am sick,
please help me". It was so heart wrenching for us. If you ever
need a friend please e- mail me. You can click on my user name to
send me an e- mail. You take care of yourself. Thinking of You...

Gloria mom to Josiah 11/12/03 - 12/4/03 @ 26wks pre e

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Re : My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Feb 25, 2004 06:02 am

I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious baby boy. Take as much time as you need to get through this difficult time. Your life is forever changed because of Isaiah. I am keeping you close at heart and in prayer. Please know that you will find wonderful support here from women who have experienced the pain of losing a child.

Hugs to you and your husband,

DS 3/25/95
DD 10/26/01 stillbirth
DS 12/30/02
AND ~ Peanut edd 8/6/04(It will be July)

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My Son, Isaiah Dumisani

Postby amillhouse » Wed Feb 25, 2004 05:31 am

After I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (please go to for more information) in my six-month of pregnancy, I was on bed-rest in the hospital for 4 1/2 weeks. The doctors told me when I was six months that if Isaiah was born then, he would not live. I was determined to do whatever I had to do to see my son alive. I asked God to please let me get to 7 months so that my son would have a chance. God honoured that request and Isaiah Dumisani Millhouse was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 20 January 2004 at 7:26am. Isaiah means "God's Helper, salvation of God" and Dumisani is a South African name meaning "praise." He weighed 610 grams (1.3 pounds). Because he was so small and born by C-section, I didn't see him when he was born. My husband held his small hand before they whisked him away to the NICU. Even though I didn't see him until the next day due to the pain I was in, I felt such an overwhelming love for him and called out his name the whole day, telling him how much I loved him.

When I first saw Isaiah connected to all those tubes and machines, I had no reaction. I expected it because I had been on a tour of the NICU before hand. But when I got back to my room all I could do is cry and ask God to save my son. I was so sad that my son had to go through this and wished I could trade places with him.

On 17 February 2004, our son, Isaiah, passed on to be with the Lord. Earlier, he gave his mother one last look and closed his eyes. We watched Isaiah take two breaths on his own, as the machines were turned off. What a fighter, what courage! In his four weeks of premature life - weighing less than two pounds (1 kilogram) - he survived collapsed lungs, several blood transfusions and brain surgery. It was a miracle watching him endure, surpass and heal from those challenges. The pneumonia that he developed over his last few days of life ended up being more than he could bear. Normally, he was active, kicking and holding our fingers, but we could see that he was tired. He was so beautiful. His short life was a life of courage. He is an example to us all.

My husband and I are coping and accept that this is only the beginning of the road towards healing. We know that this will be a tough time, but with God on our side, and Isaiah as our example of courage, we will get through it.

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