Key PF Issues at the WAT

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Key PF Issues at the WAT

Postby carolh » Mon Apr 11, 2005 07:53 pm

I'd like to seize the opportunity at the WAT's to promote some key PF issues to our captive audiences.

Recruiting PF members and interest in state groups - Many of the attendees may not be registered as members with the PF so we should encourage that by announcing that everyone visit the web site to do so. After the Walk, if you're going to email all your registered walkers with a 'thank you', you can remind them again. We should also take advantage of the opportunity to have people indicate their interest in being contacted and becoming a member of a state group. Plan to have a sign-up sheet and make an announcement for people to list their contact info (including email). I can let you know if there is a Group Coordinator for the state that you're in and who to send the list to after the Walk. For those in a state without a state group you would send your list to me.

Gauging interest in the Annual PF Conference - Let's also have a sign-up sheet for anyone interested in potentially attending the 2nd Annual PF Conference at the Ogleby Resort and Convention Center in Wheeling, WV. You can find all the details about the convention on the Annual Meeting Planning Forum ( We can hopefully drum up attendence and may also find people interested in assisting in the planning.

Email me with any thoughts, comments or questions!


Carol Hamilton, Pharm.D.
Michigan Coordinator
National Group Coordinator
Ann Arbor

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