Good Luck to AZ and PA!

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Re : Good Luck to AZ and PA!

Postby kdreher » Tue May 09, 2006 00:03 am

Any updates?

Dawn D
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Re : Good Luck to AZ and PA!

Postby Dawn D » Mon May 08, 2006 03:37 pm

thanks to all of you for your well-wishes! I will post results under Jaime's other thread as soon as I get tallied and re-organized from the weekend. Best to those of you organizing or participating in walks in the upcoming weeks.

Dawn (Pottsgrove, PA W-A-T Coordinator)

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julie f
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Re : Good Luck to AZ and PA!

Postby julie f » Fri May 05, 2006 01:55 pm

Good luck guys!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

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Re : Good Luck to AZ and PA!

Postby miracle3 » Fri May 05, 2006 11:46 am

Good Luck!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!

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Re : Good Luck to AZ and PA!

Postby jillmushet » Fri May 05, 2006 10:40 am

Thank you. Martina and Atanya are awesome coordinators! Just yesterday, they were making sure everything is ready to go. To top it off, it hasn't reached 100 degrees here yet, and the weather is expected to be perfect. We're so excited!

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Good Luck to AZ and PA!

Postby grace04 » Fri May 05, 2006 09:33 am

Arizona, and the two PA WAT's (Harrisburg and Pottsgrove) are having their WATs tomorrow (Saturday, May 6)! WOO HOO!!! Good luck ladies!!! Thanks for all of your hard work -- I know your WATs will be a GREAT success!!!!! [:D]

Be sure to check in and give a brief update after its all over!!! (I'll start a thread like last soon as I hit "post" on this)...!

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